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Do Dead Meteorites Tell Tales?

first_img1Richard Kerr, “Another Hint of Planetary Marauders,” Science, Vol 309, Issue 5742, 1800, 16 September 2005, [DOI: 10.1126/science.309.5742.1800a].2Strom et al., “The Origin of Planetary Impactors in the Inner Solar System,” Science, Vol 309, Issue 5742, 1847-1850, 16 September 2005, [DOI: 10.1126/science.1113544].Several things stand out from stories of this genre.  (1) The new finding contradicts earlier beliefs.  (2) The new finding is put in the context of a vast field of unanswered questions.  (3) Evolution is a given.  (4) The accepted age of the solar system (4.6 billion years) is a given.  (5) Most of the work remains to be done.  (6) The check is in the mail (e.g., from this tiny tidbit of hypothesis, “we can now recover the prehistory of our solar system”).  (7) Once we figure this out for our solar system, we will unlock the keys to other stars and planets, and to the whole universe.  (8) This finding is the greatest thing since primordial soup.    This is the way evolutionists kid themselves that they are doing science.  They envelop themselves in periodic tables, lab instruments, and equations.  So far so good.  But since the Big Picture of Evolution has already been decided to be fact by decree, every piece of data must be forced into it.    Working this way requires adding whatever ad hoc elements are needed to keep the story going, as well as ignoring uncomfortable facts.  Dr. Walt Brown, for instance, who has a very different theory for the origin of impactors (see website), said this about Strom’s theory:Without explaining how asteroids formed in the first place, Kerr and Strom try to explain why asteroids in the main belt were shaken up by moving the giant planets around, and appealing to the extremely weak Yarkovsky effect and planetary resonances.  (The radiometer effect is much stronger, because water molecules are much more massive than photons.)  Showing that the size distribution of MBAs [not accountants, but Main Belt Asteroids] corresponds to the early craters in the inner solar system does not mean that the early impacts came from the asteroid belt.Each scientist working under evolutionary, naturalistic assumptions is a willing accomplice to this game of self-deception.  Their motive is to contribute a brick for the Temple of Charlie, which produces gratification that one is doing his part to advance the cult.  Whether the cult matches the real history of the universe, well – how could they ever tell?  Of course, you’re only likely to hear the evolutionary side in the media, because they are all part of the cult, too.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Several researchers lately have claimed that meteorites can tell us the history of our solar system.  How can this be?Messages from Heaven:  Richard Kerr in Science1 reported on work by Strom et al. in the same issue2 that the asteroid belt was the source of the so-called “late heavy bombardment” that is said to have pummeled the early solar system 3.9 billion years ago.  One researcher who had been working on this “problem” for 35 years completely changed his view based on the study.  Strom’s team hypothesized that the gas giants rearranged themselves, and then modeled how impactors might have been flung inward from the asteroid belt as a consequence.  Kerr writes, “Cratering specialists suspect that Strom and his colleagues are on to something, but they say the case remains open.”  Another said they could be right, but “we have to be careful.”Crystal Balls:  A Purdue University press release says “meteorites offer glimpse of the early Earth.”  Purdue scientists measuring the isotopic ratios in Antarctic meteorites think they can deduce the temperature of their formation.  From this, they believe, they can tell whether they formed at the same time Earth formed, or later.  It’s not like reading a book, exactly; one scientist said, “There are still quite a few unanswered questions about the earliest periods of the Earth’s history, and this study only provides one piece of the puzzle.”Treasure Chest:  As if to one-up the previous claim, EurekAlert printed a Florida State story that an “unusual meteorite unlocks treasure trove of solar system secrets.”  The Tagish Lake meteorite that fell in Canada in 2000 led a FSU “geochemist to a breakthrough in understanding the origin of the chemical elements that make up our solar system,” the press release claimed.  What did he find?  An unusual ratio of isotopes of osmium.  From this, he believes he can tell what kind of star produced the element, and when.  His hypothesis, however, flies in the face of earlier suggestions that the element came from dust from a nearby star.  No, the leader of the team says: his findings “reveal that the raw materials from which our solar system was built are preserved in a few exceptional meteorites, from which we can now recover the prehistory of our solar system.”last_img read more

Nestle, South Africa partner in science

first_img9 March 2012 The world’s biggest food company, Nestle, is entering into a research partnership with the South African government aimed at promoting the scientific development of the country and the continent as a whole. The partnership is being coordinated by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), which falls under the Department for Science and Technology, and was agreed on after visits to Nestle’s main research centre in Switzerland. It will offer South African scientists exposure to Nestle’s extensive research capabilities, in particular the company’s expertise in nutrition, food science and food safety. At the same time, it will allow Nestle to better understand the nutrition needs of South African consumers, and accelerate the development of products with an improved nutrition profile at the right price for consumers in emerging markets. Nestle executive vice-president Nandu Nandkishore said in a statement on Tuesday that the collaboration would “help to provide the scientific basis for sound nutrition and food safety policies, as well as identify research needs for science-based regulations on food, nutrition and health”.Importance of biodiversity Nestle said on its website that some of the researchers taking part in the partnership would study “how locally sourced ingredients can be used to create foods that provide health benefits”. Nestle researchers are currently involved in the search for new bioactive ingredients, and in testing how well these target different bodily tissues, as well as their effectiveness in promoting health. The company “recognises the importance of biodiversity and fully supports the principle of fair access to local ingredients and to the sharing of their benefits, as described in the Convention on Biological Diversity of 1993 and the more recent Nagoya Protocol of 2010,” Nestle said.Developing SA’s biosciences industry CSIR chief executive officer Sibusiso Sibisi said the joint venture would “add value to our indigenous resources through exposure to modern technologies for developing new food products. “New products developed through this collaboration will be manufactured in South Africa in compliance with international standards, leading to the development of new skills and ultimately the creation of new jobs in the biosciences industry,” Sibisi added. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

SA government launches smartphone app

first_img12 February 2015A mobile app that aims to make government information and services easily available to citizens was launched in Cape Town by Deputy Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni- Abrahams on Wednesday evening.The android and iOS app offers a new entry point to Gov.za, home of government’s public information.The launch was part of a networking function hosted by the Department of Communications ahead of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Jacob Zuma.The app allows users to view the latest available jobs in the public service; tender bulletins; news and radio bulletins; information on services such as renewing your driver’s licence or renewing your car licence disk.AccessThe app gives users quick access to government leaders, events, speeches and other government information. It has contact details of all government departments across all spheres of government.The app was developed because of an an increasing appetite for government information. “As government, we are committed to ensuring that our people indeed are governed,” Ndabeni-Abrahams said.It is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices.Vuk’uzenzele appThe government launched the Vuk’uzenzele newspaper app in November last year. This app allows users to download and read the government newspaper that is distributed nationwide, giving the public further access to a publication with a print-run of 1.7-million copies. A Braille version is also available.The SA Government App was developed by Cape Town-based company Creative Spark and is available as a free download from the App Store and the Google Play store.SAnews.gov.za and SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Indian athletes lose doping case, get two-year ban

first_imgThe six Indian women athletes, who were caught for steroid doping last year, lost their case in the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland as it upheld the IAAF’s appeal to impose two-year ban on them.A NADA panel had handed a lenient one-year ban on the six quartermilers, including Asian Games double gold medallist Ashwini Akkunji, on the ground that they did not know that the food supplement they have been provided by their coach contain prohibited substance.But the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) filed an appeal to the CAS against the NADA panel decision, stating that the athletes should not be given any lenient treatment and they should be banned for two years provided under the rules.The CAS on Tuesday decided the case in favour of the IAAF and the athletes will serve a two year ban.”The IAAF’s appeal has been upheld by CAS and the six Indian athletes have lost their case. The operative part is not known and it will come later,” an Athletics Federation of India source said.Besides Akkunji, the other five are 4X400m relay quartet members Sini Jose and Mandeep Kaur and three other quartermilers Priyanka Panwar, Juana Murmu and Tiana Mary Thomas. The period of their one-year ban by the NADA panel ended last month.The relay quartet of Akkunji, Mandeep, Sini and Manjeet Kaur won gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games here and the Asian Games in China a month later. Akkunji became the toast of the country after she also won the 400m hurdles in the Asian Games also, only to be caught for doping later.advertisementManjeet ended her career after she allegedly refused to give samples to NADA officials in Patiala.last_img read more

10 months ago​Fiorentina keeping tabs on Southampton striker Gabbiadini

first_img​Fiorentina keeping tabs on Southampton striker Gabbiadiniby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFiorentina have an interest in Southampton attacker Manolo Gabbiadini.The striker is being linked with a move to Italy in the January transfer window.Gabbiadini has scored 10 goals in 47 games for the Saints since arriving in 2017.And he is not seen as part of new boss Ralph Hasenhuttl’s plans, per the Daily Echo.The new boss even admitted some January transfers may happen.Saints’ boss said in a press conference last week: “We have to keep our eyes open in January.”There can be a few changes in the squad and a few possibilities but first I want a good overview of all the quality I have in my squad.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Make sure your holiday budget includes more than just gifts experts say

first_imgOTTAWA — The holiday season comes every year and so too the warnings of overspending, but the consequences of a financial hangover this year are growing compared with just a few years ago.As the Bank of Canada continues to raise its key interest rate target, the cost to borrow using variable-rate loans like home equity lines of credit has climbed higher and is expected to continue to rise next year.“Where we are in a rising interest rate environment, it becomes even more critical to manage your budget effectively,” Jennifer Auld, a district vice-president at TD Canada Trust, says.The holiday season and all of the costs that come with it can be a pricey one and Auld says setting a budget and sticking to it are key to preventing a financial hangover come the new year.Planning your holiday spending means not just budgeting for gifts for loved ones, but also the myriad other holiday expenses.“The first step is really figuring out what your budget is and adding five to 10 per cent to that because things will inevitably pop up over the holidays,” Auld says.She says it means making a list of who you want to buy a gift for and how much you can spend, but it also means planning for the costs of extra entertaining that comes with the holiday season.“I think you can often get caught up in the magic of the season and it is tempting to overspend when you are out shopping, but if you have a dollar value in mind per person when you’re out shopping I think it is easier to stay on track,” she said.Scott Hannah, president and CEO of the Credit Counselling Society, says you need to be realistic about what you can and cannot afford.Hannah says you have to make the choices that are right for you and your family.“You can’t be all things to all people,” he said. “You have to make some choices. You can’t afford to do everything.”Extra spending in the holiday season may include extra lunches or dinners out with friends and co-workers, a babysitter so you can attend a special concert or an extra holiday donation to your favourite charity at the end of the year.“It’s from entertainment, it could be from travelling, it could be additional clothing because you’re going out and entertaining, it could be a number of things,” Hannah said of the debt that people rack up.According to a survey done earlier this year for the Retail Council of Canada, suggested that 65 per cent of Canadians plan to have a firm budget for spending this holiday season.The same survey suggested roughly two-thirds of Canadians plan to spend about the same amount this year as they did last year with the average being $675.Auld says there are a number of money management apps that can help you keep track of what you’ve spent to help stay on budget and help save you from the financial hangover.If you do go over your budget, she says it is key to have a plan to repay your debt as quickly as you can and start preparing yourself for next year.Hannah says if you’re having financial difficulty now, you should seek help ahead of the holiday season rather than waiting until the new year when the holiday bills start to come rolling in.“Nothing is worse than going through the holiday season knowing you’re in debt, you’ve got problems and you’re going to have to face them in the new year,” he said. Craig Wong, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Fence goes up around lot next to Totem Mall to stop dumping

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Officials with the Totem Mall say that no imminent development is taking place on the vacant lot located across 96a St. from the mall, and that a steel temporary fence erected around the lot is to ward off trespassers.A mall official, who declined to be named, said that the lot has been used as a parking area by truckers for the past several years, especially after the mall and the City upgraded sewers in the area. The official said that the truckers that park on the lot have been dumping oil and other fluids, while RV drivers have even been disposing of toilet refuse on the lot.“It’s disgusting,” said the official. The mall’s owner, the Canadian Tire Real Estate Investment Trust, also owns the piece of land between the mall and Wal-Mart and decided that the fence needed to be erected to stop the trespassing and illegal dumping.last_img read more

EC order restraining Modi biopic applies to NaMo TV Official

first_imgNew Delhi: The Election Commission order banning the screening of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi also applies to NaMo TV, which also cannot be aired during the poll period, a senior official of the poll panel said on Wednesday. The official referred to a paragraph in the order which said,”that any poster or publicity material concerning any such certified content, which either depicts a candidate (including prospective) for the furtherance (or purported to further) of electoral prospects, directly or indirectly, shall not be put on display in electronic media in the area where MCC is in force.” The EC has banned the release of the Modi biopic, saying any such film that subserves purpose of any political entity or individual should not be displayed in the electronic media.last_img read more

Week 1 starting jobs still available for Ohio State football team

OSU coach Urban Meyer and members of the football team look on as senior cornerback Doran Grant and senior wide reciever Evan Spencer (6) go head-to-head in the circle drill during fall camp at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center Aug. 6 in Columbus.Credit: Tim Moody / Lantern sports editorWith just days until the Ohio State football team is scheduled to kick off its season against Navy, several starting positions remain up for grabs.Among the open spots are the starting center and left guard positions along the offensive line, the cornerback position opposite senior Doran Grant and playing time in the logjam that is the running back and wide receiver positions.The offensive line has three established starters in junior Taylor Decker at left tackle, redshirt-sophomore Pat Elflein at right guard and redshirt-senior Darryl Baldwin at right tackle. Coach Urban Meyer said the open left guard position has three players who could fill the spot.“Left guard is not named yet, and it’s not because of ability,” Meyer said Monday. “It’s just, one, the guy hasn’t separated himself, so in the hunt are (senior) Joel Hale, (redshirt-freshman) Billy Price, (redshirt-junior Antonio) Underwood.”The open center spot is a bit closer, Meyer said, as he named two players who are candidates to fill the void left by Corey Linsley, now with the Green Bay Packers.“Center is going to be, probably be (junior Jacoby Boren) and (redshirt-senior) Chad Lindsay. We haven’t named the starter on that either,” Meyer said. “But once again, its still because the battles are going on.”The cornerback position opposite Grant is also a two-man race, Meyer said, as redshirt-freshmen Eli Apple and Gareon Conley battle for a spot on the Buckeye defense.“They haven’t separated themselves yet either, which is a good sign. They’ll both play,” Meyer said.Junior cornerback Armani Reeves said he believes both players bring a special skill set to the table for OSU.“They both bring a different type of style to their game but that’s what makes them special,” Reeves said Monday. “Gareon has really fluid hips, and he reads routes really well, and Eli is a really strong and physical guy so they both play a little bit different.”The battle to replace former Buckeye star running back Carlos Hyde was originally led by sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott, however, Meyer said, multiple running backs proved they are worthy of touches during fall camp.When Elliott missed multiple practices because of a minor wrist surgery during fall camp, it opened the door for redshirt-sophomore Bri’onte Dunn and redshirt-senior Rod Smith to earn reps, something Meyer said they accomplished.“Both Bri’onte and Rod Smith have made every practice and done really well,” he said. “I give credit to (Dunn) and Rod Smith, every day they have shown up and they have worked their tails off so they are in the mix.”Meyer also mentioned freshman Curtis Samuel as a player who could see touches at running back this season.At wide receiver, Meyer mentioned six players who are in the mix, only three of whom played last season.The three who played last season — senior Devin Smith, senior Evan Spencer and sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson — combined for 88 catches for 1,086 yards and 13 touchdowns.Meyer also named redshirt-sophomore Mike Thomas, redshirt-junior Corey Smith and redshirt-freshman Jalin Marshall as players who will likely see the field for the OSU offense.“All of them could march in, and they all deserve playing time,” Meyer said. So it’s just a matter of who breaks the huddle first.”Spencer, who has scored four touchdowns in his OSU career, said he is looking forward to seeing how the skill-position players will play during Saturday’s game.“We have so much depth this year. We have so many playmakers at so many positions, from A to Z,” Spencer said. “It’ll be really cool and exciting to see everybody get out there and be able to make plays because we’ve got the depth to keep everybody fresh in order to do it.”Despite senior quarterback Braxton Miller missing the season because of a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, Spencer said he is not worried about the conversion to a new starting quarterback.“It’s definitely a change. But I mean, at the same time, all throughout camp (redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett) and (redshirt-sophomore Cardale Jones) have been getting so many reps with the ones,” Spencer said. “They’ve been throwing the ball so much all throughout camp, and really all throughout the offseason that it’s not that much of a transition for us, just because that’s what we’ve been going through.”The Buckeyes are scheduled to take on Navy Saturday at noon at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. read more

Ian Wright racism part of Raheem Sterling criticism

first_imgManchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling criticism is partly motivated by racism, says Arsenal legend Ian Wright.After scoring against Arsenal on Sunday, Raheem Sterling celebrated his goal with a gesture aimed at silencing his critics after his lack of goals at the World Cup.He faced massive negative media attention before the world for a rifle tattoo on his leg.BBC pundit and Ian Wright has come to his defence, saying racism is partly to blame for the unwarranted criticism that the forward had been facing. Sky Sports reports.“How many people do you see get the criticism Sterling gets?” Ian Wright said.“The football criticism is something every player has to deal with, but what he gets I don’t see any other footballer getting,”Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“They don’t get that stick because for whatever reason they don’t rub up the people in the corridors of power the wrong way. I think there is an agenda against him.”“There is an element of people at the high end of the media who want to keep that guy down. Simple.”“When you look at the wave of criticism that he takes, there is a certain amount of racism towards it – what else can it be?”“They are picking on him because of the background he has come from and they want to keep him down, drag him back down. They don’t want him to continue to be a success.”“People say you are playing the racism card, but you give me a good reason why Raheem Sterling gets the stick he gets for just being a footballer.”last_img read more