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Month: November 2017

What is the detailed cross link cross links

wrote here everybody should not be difficult to understand the cross link is the fastest and most effective chain for a website. But why there are so many people are not willing to exchange links? Is that they do not know what is the cross link? In this regard, the author sums up the following reasons: 1. cross links are what people know. This person is very clear is what, how to cross link exchange and cross link effects, but why they are not willing to exchange? I guess is this kind of person that cross link exchange up more trouble, the late management and maintenance is very troublesome, so just do not change. For these people I can give little advice and help. In fact, I also changed the dozens of cross links, management is not so difficult, but now many webmaster network has launched a cross link query tool, very easy to be able to cross link management. 2. pairs of cross links this knowledge not completely understand people. This kind of person may be from a friend or online to understand concept of cross links, but no actual operation. I heard some stationmaster that cross link sites can be K in there, then conflict this thing from the heart began to feel that this thing is not good. In fact, the cross link is very effective for the website ranking promotion, the author is relying on the cross. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis a website ranking can not exceed Shanghai know love

3, the content of the page: breadcrumb dislocation.

first look at the friend’s website, the website in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, here is not the list. He loves Shanghai this site included as follows: sites included: 53, domain: 1080; trans domain site time: 2 months and 20 days, the space of Hongkong. Web site keywords ranking: reaction stick waterproofing membrane 14, golden umbrella stick 1 reaction. Keywords: no index index.

2, the website column on the left of the page contains product classification list, contact us link, news links, contact us link read more