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Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai Web search results Shanghai dragon who does not share

4, URL share code directly out the promotion go, how much can you see the promotion of the ability to share

! share? !How many

I have always felt that writing is too long to read tired, q is the simplest and most direct tell you my opinion, though I may be


3, optimize your URL, your URL mixed, mixed a pile of things, it is difficult for users to share, of course, your wit, on this article, because they are in a row.

, a share of this important? Why love Shanghai at intervals of less than 1 years, 2 times to join read more

Keywords rapid ranking experience sharing website

station optimization

Here the

small in here or about the station optimization, the station optimization, I believe everyone is familiar with it, is nothing more than for some optimization of the site itself, there are these: site title, keywords, description of the setting, of course there are many details, such as URL static and so on…… We’re not all about, because today is mainly about the optimization of the station, interested friends can go to my website on find an article called "how to do the chain optimization of Shanghai dragon" in the content page. read more

P2P platform letter and Fu submitted to the United States PO prospectus intends to finance 100 mi

case 1: sh419 music head. MP3 search accounts for more than 30% of sh419 traffic, and how to turn traffic into its core value, not users

said in the prospectus, the company has hired Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group and Jefferies group served as underwriters for the IPO transaction.

and rich in DLB, CRF Holdings, LLC submitted before beneficially held 10427239 ordinary shares in the prospectus, the shareholding ratio of 25.5%; the Private Equity Investment Firm Broadline Capital LLC or its affiliates under the management of the fund beneficially holds 6112072 ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 14.9%; Gary Wang beneficially holds 2056275 ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 5%. read more

Keywords analysis of competition to the site location

on a daily basis, with their own search engine search keywords, know that some key words is a popular word many users will search, but also some more popular users do not often go to search or search keywords, so we must understand the definition of this popular. You can use specific tools such as Google keyword tool and love Shanghai index to query the overall number is too large, the search term individual owners do not deliberately do, after all, large flow does not necessarily bring profit to you, but the cost will be great. The relative personal webmaster, recommend some long tail keywords, because they sometimes bring little competition, the conversion rate is also very strong, and for some to use big words do that to buy a good point and stable weight of domain name server, the static (PS: static each visit do not call the database, if the dynamics of the every time, call a user, the server may crash), but also buy some Links, to run the station from the user experience, in order to achieve a certain rank. read more

Love Shanghai Zhibo network detailed snapshots seconds

network and Zhibo website of Shanghai Longfeng workers every day, watching all kinds of changes in love Shanghai snapshot, analysis of the reasons to love Shanghai snapshot change, after long-term observation after I draw a conclusion that love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, followed by the Shanghai love snapshot time is to you the query time and love Shanghai update snapshot of the time difference of

before writing this article I read A5 introduced a lot of love Shanghai snapshots seconds tips, in fact, love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, just behind the time close to love Shanghai update snapshot time. So we don’t want to love Shanghai seconds because the weight of the website the so-called internal factors, of course, to be sure, as long as we adhere to the update, the spider will frequently to grab information, the updates will be very timely snapshot. read more

To have a certain degree of love in Shanghai Shanghai dragon chain products

      1, first of all, love Shanghai encyclopedia need to know is that we want to take the public as the primary goal to do. Our purpose is to add advertising, but means that by adding content to the encyclopedia need add some advertising content. So usually should accumulate some knowledge in these aspects. Whether you are still looking for online handwriting.

      the highest level of the website operation is not rely on search engines to play their own brand, this website operation is the most healthy and best. Of course, individuals have a personal method, at present micro-blog marketing is a method, blog sprocket is also possible, but need long-term support! Fully cooperate with the various forums we need marketing planning and editing department, no matter what method is OK, as long as doing well each method will let you by the open smile! read more

How to let the spider eyes see your website

by testing your website will show Flash and JavaScript are not Shanghai dragon love. A solution (recommended as a best practice in Shanghai dragon) is included in the < IMG > ALT image tag attribute description of meaningful, but be careful not to use too many keywords in it because of the risk of penalties stack keywords. The alt attribute is required, when you use the links instead of text links, you can use alt text description.

to optimize a website is great but the important thing is how to make search engines see your efforts. But even the most careful optimization does not guarantee the position at the top of the search results, if your site does not comply with the basic search engine optimization truth, then this site in the search engine will not score. Check your work in Shanghai dragon is how the search engine to see the read more

How to optimize the design of the long tail word class website


, Xiao Bian has a habit, is the use of different methods for mining, for example, some third party key tool, love Shanghai own keyword tool, are in use. Then, Xiaobian this sorted out, finishing about twenty thousand keywords. Then, the long tail word were removed with their own website main content do not want to pipe. Because we are engaged in graphic design, brochure design, packaging design, I put the inside of the industrial design and decoration design word removed, leaving only related to our website theme. I believe that to stay is the Shanghai dragon they want. read more

The rapid increase in the weight of the wise remark of an experienced person new website

In addition to

in the layout of the page keywords Keywords: I think too much will distract the weight. Thus the title and content of the matching degree of decline, in order to get better reflect the general new planning 2-3 main keywords. And these words have to consider the ranking with the other. Through the experiment, later add 1-2 a word to title, although the change is equivalent to title, but will not affect too many snapshots and weight, but it is easy to add keywords ranking.

in the program: because the author is not a technical background, program optimization is not very good, every time the new station requires only one point: dynamic path parameters not too much, URL address as short as possible, and try to follow Home + + + channel page column page content page etc. provisions. Although the love of Shanghai does not discriminate against the dynamic web site, but I believe that the best or static. read more

Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng interview notice Zac teacher talk to you ZAC

> ? website

Zan Hui, Shanghai dragon net of Zac, every one of the authors. Shanghai dragon "actual combat password", "network marketing of actual combat password", "Shanghai Dragon Art" author, translator, famous network marketing experts. In 1992, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Electronic Engineering Bachelor degree, master degree from Beijing Film Academy in 1995. 1997 to singapore. In 2000 the first personal hobby website (www. zac贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) and get out of hand. read more