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What is the detailed cross link cross links

wrote here everybody should not be difficult to understand the cross link is the fastest and most effective chain for a website. But why there are so many people are not willing to exchange links? Is that they do not know what is the cross link? In this regard, the author sums up the following reasons: 1. cross links are what people know. This person is very clear is what, how to cross link exchange and cross link effects, but why they are not willing to exchange? I guess is this kind of person that cross link exchange up more trouble, the late management and maintenance is very troublesome, so just do not change. For these people I can give little advice and help. In fact, I also changed the dozens of cross links, management is not so difficult, but now many webmaster network has launched a cross link query tool, very easy to be able to cross link management. 2. pairs of cross links this knowledge not completely understand people. This kind of person may be from a friend or online to understand concept of cross links, but no actual operation. I heard some stationmaster that cross link sites can be K in there, then conflict this thing from the heart began to feel that this thing is not good. In fact, the cross link is very effective for the website ranking promotion, the author is relying on the cross.


believe we have done Links, Links is very simple, is that you use your link to other station, link your station others with his station, and the parameters of Links exchange standard is the website such as: PR, BR, snapshots, and so on, as long as the parameters of almost all can exchange. Then the cross link is the same ah, love the Shanghai Encyclopedia also said the basis of cross links or Links, but it is not between the two sites of the one-way links each other, but three or more sites. It also involves a concept that is one-way links, understanding is a link to another web site from the literal above, but another site is not given back to the chain. You should also know that the one-way links effect is the best in all of the chain effect, but also enhance the ranking of the fastest time, which is why we exchange Links requirements of other site outbound links number less than the number of. For a single site, the outbound links links of the site itself is almost zero.

has recently been replaced with cross links, link exchange group has 75, QQ has 264 links. But these personnel contact and exchange links, found a big problem, is that nearly half of the people do not know what is the cross link, there are some people in mind of cross connection is only a vague concept, but it is not very clear. So I decided to write this article and literacy today, to tell you what is the cross link.

let’s take a look at the definition of cross link love Shanghai Encyclopedia: cross link based or Links, but ordinary Links is link exchange between two stations, three stations are cross links or more exchange station.

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