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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis a website ranking can not exceed Shanghai know love

3, the content of the page: breadcrumb dislocation.

first look at the friend’s website, the website in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, here is not the list. He loves Shanghai this site included as follows: sites included: 53, domain: 1080; trans domain site time: 2 months and 20 days, the space of Hongkong. Web site keywords ranking: reaction stick waterproofing membrane 14, golden umbrella stick 1 reaction. Keywords: no index index.

2, the website column on the left of the page contains product classification list, contact us link, news links, contact us link


1, the website navigation links in this is: home page, company profile, waterproof system solutions, news center, product center, service center, contact us.

The presence of

4, 26, 24, 21, 20, 17, 16, 15, 14, 12, 10 days, 23 days, 14 days, basically did not have to update, but update number is not stable.

with these data, then to know more than love Shanghai and Shanghai ranked love Wikipedia is a direction, one by one according to different problems, how can we know love more than love Shanghai Shanghai 100 >

website ranking can not exceed

The actual situation of the

Shanghai dragon people, a lot of people to love more than Shanghai encyclopedia as their goal, because love Shanghai encyclopedia is a good match, as long as more than the love of Shanghai, then the other competitors as well as unequalable? Yes, but we need more targeted implementation there is hope.

Hello, I am a blank paper template home owners, today to share a see in the A5 Adsense nets in the forum is a problem, the friend to ask, now his site keywords ranking in the second page on his website, the front is basically self love sea products, such as love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia, and other large pages, there may be more than the love of Shanghai know love Shanghai encyclopedia and ranked in the top three in Shanghai? Love their products is very strong, but the chain is many, our small website ranking ability more than love Shanghai "children" don’t know? You are watching this, have encountered such a situation?

site diagnosis results and suggestions for

Update: update content of

5, Links: most are for the homepage link, but after entering the site home page for /index.html. In addition to the site navigation directory.


know love Shanghai

after entering the site, found that this is a very common enterprise website, use website template is very ordinary, also saw a blank sheet of paper with the following:

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