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small in here or about the station optimization, the station optimization, I believe everyone is familiar with it, is nothing more than for some optimization of the site itself, there are these: site title, keywords, description of the setting, of course there are many details, such as URL static and so on…… We’re not all about, because today is mainly about the optimization of the station, interested friends can go to my website on find an article called "how to do the chain optimization of Shanghai dragon" in the content page.


before, the site on the line for two weeks, today a check with Adsense tools, suddenly found that the 4 keyword rankings, just on the line for 3 days to love Shanghai submitted a website snapshot, then a keywords in the rankings, although is not a valid keyword, but there is still a little excited, so the Shanghai dragon sky Xiaobian to write about the 4 keywords are ranking experience, here to share with you.

now more mainstream search engines: love Shanghai, noble baby, 360 search, Sogou, Youdao, bing…… As for the other is not known: Chinese search (panguso with instantly search the combined search engine), "

believes about "station optimization" this is already a problem has been a commonplace talk of an old scholar, countless people talked about many times, said "to do good work must first sharpen his" website optimization is also so, a well optimized website, it also believe the station optimization bad go. For example, we all know that to build a house, to lay the foundations, the old house is not strong, depends on the depth of foundation. Of course I this analogy is not very appropriate, Shanghai Phoenix Sky Xiaobian want to express the idea here is that, in the station optimization Website optimization is very important.

first off, Xiao Bian is in accordance with the line on the website to optimize, and then to the keywords ranking process, Xiao Bian here is not that we want to show off, just say, every webmaster sites are not the same, so we go to the concrete analysis, etc.anyway, above share experience:

website content is the first to be spider, so Xiaobian to submit your site in the first place here on the major search engines to submit your site. In order to speed up the collection of new sites, each big search engine provides Web site to submit your site for the new entrance, quickly was collected, submit a can, as long as you submitted, the search engine will record, and then the spider will climb to, so you don’t have to submit several times a day.

optimization is divided into the station to station optimization, Xiao Bian here here simply said the station optimization, why mention station optimization? Because Xiaobian station optimization is one of the most basic and most important part for optimizing a website for. So it is simple to mention:

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