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P2P platform letter and Fu submitted to the United States PO prospectus intends to finance 100 mi

case 1: sh419 music head. MP3 search accounts for more than 30% of sh419 traffic, and how to turn traffic into its core value, not users

said in the prospectus, the company has hired Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group and Jefferies group served as underwriters for the IPO transaction.

and rich in DLB, CRF Holdings, LLC submitted before beneficially held 10427239 ordinary shares in the prospectus, the shareholding ratio of 25.5%; the Private Equity Investment Firm Broadline Capital LLC or its affiliates under the management of the fund beneficially holds 6112072 ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 14.9%; Gary Wang beneficially holds 2056275 ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 5%.

2,                ;         online playlist function. And systematically analyze user preferences to recommend types of music that users might like.

1,                   WEB2.0.;       the formation of circles, users can publish articles, you can request songs, you can make friends, chat, you can recommend music to each other.

TechWeb April 1st news reports, the letter and the rich P2P lending platform China Rapid Finance on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted to the IPO IPO prospectus, plans listed on the New York stock exchange, stock symbol "XRF", is expected to raise $100 million.

P2P+ search for music website model copyright solutions:

: digital music today the old model is that there is no next The sun sinks in the west., the new model? Today, I also have a "P2P+ search" music site planning, I hope everyone will come together to verify. Please forgive me for writing the website plan book, but I only said a general direction, and the details will not be revealed here.

data, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, but the company is registered in the United States. It was founded in 2001 as a consumer credit company providing services to large Chinese banks. In 2010, it was involved in online lending information intermediary services, covering more than 20 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.

user stickiness solution

According to the The letter and the rich


as of December 31, 2016, the amount of cash and cash equivalents held by the letter was $18 million 983 thousand, compared with $25 million 45 thousand as of December 31, 2015.

letter and Fu company founder and CEO Wang Zhengyu in the prospectus submitted prior to beneficially holding 3879331 shares of ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio of 9.5%;

The major shareholders in the letter According to

‘s net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders in 2016 was $40 million 380 thousand, compared with a net loss of $33 million 227 thousand in 2015, a net loss of $1 million 780 thousand in 2014.

uses P2P+ search links to solve copyright problems. Copyright is a sword hanging on the head of all music websites. As long as you want to do regular music brands around the web, but copyright issues. My point is: look at sh419! sh419 is the music search industry’s boss, but also a listed company, so sh419 is dealing with the bottom line of these gray areas. Now sh419 is also starting to use P2P sharing mode to circumvent copyright risks. sh419 launched the "music master" in May this year, it is similar to P2P’s personal sharing of music forms, the user’s personal behavior upload songs, this model is worth learning, days fell, sh419 first top. We can do this music website: in the form of P2P, users put their love songs to edit, upload to the website to share, websites only provide a platform, and is not involved in copyright, so every year can save millions of copyright fees. But try to make sure the site has the latest and most complete songs. Site positioning has become a music media, providing only auditions, not downloads. If the user wants to download after listening to the song, then the site provides a search link, go to other sites to download, just like sh419 MP3 search. At the same time, the website continues to sign with the record company, all signed songs will link to their platform, download the genuine songs, and record companies according to the amount of downloads. From the domestic small and medium-sized record companies began to sign a few, and then speculation genuine mode, the four will certainly not participate in such cooperation. As if in search of "penny search", only signed a few small record in speculation.

prospectus shows that the letter and rich 2016 revenues of $55 million 860 thousand, compared to $56 million 130 thousand in 2015, $57 million 770 thousand in 2014.

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