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Keywords analysis of competition to the site location

on a daily basis, with their own search engine search keywords, know that some key words is a popular word many users will search, but also some more popular users do not often go to search or search keywords, so we must understand the definition of this popular. You can use specific tools such as Google keyword tool and love Shanghai index to query the overall number is too large, the search term individual owners do not deliberately do, after all, large flow does not necessarily bring profit to you, but the cost will be great. The relative personal webmaster, recommend some long tail keywords, because they sometimes bring little competition, the conversion rate is also very strong, and for some to use big words do that to buy a good point and stable weight of domain name server, the static (PS: static each visit do not call the database, if the dynamics of the every time, call a user, the server may crash), but also buy some Links, to run the station from the user experience, in order to achieve a certain rank.

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direct search method, search results will appear in the key words in the title will also appear in the content page, content pages are not so many times you have to consider the analysis, then through the intitle keyword search can be more accurate to search out the title contains keyword optimization, competitors, and for is the intitle search ignored by competitors, they do not have the main keyword optimization, mind can not put too much on it.

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Keywords related search keywords


now many enterprises in order to win a big profit, not to bring him profit space short time think out keywords optimization, then they will choose to burn method to do the bidding promotion, which for some small webmaster and no money they spell is a big one of the competitors, so in the choice of keywords to look at the auction number (PS: don’t look at night, usually at night many bidding will shut down, so you see in the evening and the morning of the gap is not the same), but don’t just see the number depends on the key words on average how much is the price, the higher the price represents more competitive large view >

positioning to a website and ultimately the profit target is essential, and now want to divide the profit in the network of enterprises on the market more and more, the keywords competition is an unavoidable, but most can think of words, but it is their own search habit, like the real location a profit through keywords and know more about the degree of competition is not less work, through the analysis of the key words how much competition can bring expected profits to you, it is truly set good keywords.

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