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Love Shanghai Zhibo network detailed snapshots seconds

network and Zhibo website of Shanghai Longfeng workers every day, watching all kinds of changes in love Shanghai snapshot, analysis of the reasons to love Shanghai snapshot change, after long-term observation after I draw a conclusion that love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, followed by the Shanghai love snapshot time is to you the query time and love Shanghai update snapshot of the time difference of

before writing this article I read A5 introduced a lot of love Shanghai snapshots seconds tips, in fact, love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, just behind the time close to love Shanghai update snapshot time. So we don’t want to love Shanghai seconds because the weight of the website the so-called internal factors, of course, to be sure, as long as we adhere to the update, the spider will frequently to grab information, the updates will be very timely snapshot.

Most of the

for love Shanghai snapshots show time analysis, is only my long-term observation for their site summary of the conclusion, if there are different views that they can add my QQ:858777616 QQ group: 49869887 to mutual exchange and common progress.


from here you can obviously see the above conclusion, Zhibo network is the 5 article in the same time generation, but that when query love Shanghai snapshot is not the same time, according to the ID, we can see the article issued the order, obviously is a snapshot of the time sequence of sea love is the way according to the order, issued the wrong time but here reflect the love of Shanghai and the query interval should be.

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