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How to let the spider eyes see your website

by testing your website will show Flash and JavaScript are not Shanghai dragon love. A solution (recommended as a best practice in Shanghai dragon) is included in the < IMG > ALT image tag attribute description of meaningful, but be careful not to use too many keywords in it because of the risk of penalties stack keywords. The alt attribute is required, when you use the links instead of text links, you can use alt text description.

to optimize a website is great but the important thing is how to make search engines see your efforts. But even the most careful optimization does not guarantee the position at the top of the search results, if your site does not comply with the basic search engine optimization truth, then this site in the search engine will not score. Check your work in Shanghai dragon is how the search engine to see the

basically all search engine spiders function principle is: they Web to crawl and index pages of the same, which is stored in the database, then to determine the page ranking using different algorithms, the collected page relevance. Although the search engine ranking in the calculation and correlation algorithms are widely different, their website index way more or less uniform, you know what they are interested in and ignore the spider, is very important.

method?What is the spider , text or image frame?

material is designed to provide the works and creative community for design and art lovers sharing platform, is also a professional, massive Chinese Images Download network. An industry the rise of a new picture stand, why can achieve 7 weight fast, not search spiders don’t grab pictures? As follows, the picture is not search spiders crawl, but the text can be, ALT tag description;

station: www.tooopen贵族宝贝

search engine spider robot, unlike humans as they read your page. On the contrary, they tend to only see certain things, blind to many extra (Flash, JavaScript) for human. Because the spiders will find your site to determine the human, is worth considering what love and love is not a spider.

Flash, JavaScript image and text search engine is not visible. The frame is in the search engine optimization ranking real disaster. All of them may be in terms of design and usability is great, but for the search engines, they are absolutely wrong. An incredible mistake can make is to have a Flash page (no frame or frame, it will be difficult to make the situation worse) and buried in the animation of the keyword. Check the page with the Flash and picture (if there is no text or inbound or outbound links), you will find that the search engine page appears almost blank.

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