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How to optimize the design of the long tail word class website


, Xiao Bian has a habit, is the use of different methods for mining, for example, some third party key tool, love Shanghai own keyword tool, are in use. Then, Xiaobian this sorted out, finishing about twenty thousand keywords. Then, the long tail word were removed with their own website main content do not want to pipe. Because we are engaged in graphic design, brochure design, packaging design, I put the inside of the industrial design and decoration design word removed, leaving only related to our website theme. I believe that to stay is the Shanghai dragon they want.


is responsible for the design of small company website has been half a year, then this year. Xiao Bian also sat as usual peer work, optimize the station update and the chain, and build the chain. The website ranking is also rising quickly, in less than two months, to about 200 words of love Shanghai index, do. This is a lot of Shanghai dragon compared to want to say to you is how to do, really small and we repeat the same work. But, after this love Shanghai update algorithm, small home sink, and page ranking fell very powerful. However, the inside pages of small series (the long tail word) to rise very quickly. That is the inside pages of small station website design support, Xiaobian began to talk about how the screening and optimization of long tail words long tail word.


is the next production site, the gist of the title of the article, combined with the express, do not deviate from the theme, after finished, posted to the website. The next step is to optimize the site of the long tail word.

in the weight of the chain transfer


we all know that the chain is very important in the optimization process, this is we to make good website content, sharing out through their own carry their own website, can also publish keyword link in some forums and blogs. The purpose of this is to make the search engine to crawl, increase the weight of the page and through the ballot, so as to improve the long tail word ranking.

as we enter a key vocabulary in packaging design, match a lot of long tail words in the following we will put these words are sorted out, whether or not the index, put in different tables. Xiaobian before using this approach, the word in the long tail of consolidation in the industry design.

lot of Shanghai Longfeng know the importance of the long tail word, we often see some of the larger sites, will see its show love Shanghai weights through the webmaster tools, or ranking in ALEXA, and the world rankings, ranking, average IP, average PV; often watch the love of Shanghai and is expected to flow key words. Love is the key to make the thesaurus, which gave us a lot of long tail keywords.

if the chain is the other sites a vote of confidence, so in the chain link the long tail word transfer instructions for this word an explanation. Because.


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