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The rapid increase in the weight of the wise remark of an experienced person new website

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in the layout of the page keywords Keywords: I think too much will distract the weight. Thus the title and content of the matching degree of decline, in order to get better reflect the general new planning 2-3 main keywords. And these words have to consider the ranking with the other. Through the experiment, later add 1-2 a word to title, although the change is equivalent to title, but will not affect too many snapshots and weight, but it is easy to add keywords ranking.

in the program: because the author is not a technical background, program optimization is not very good, every time the new station requires only one point: dynamic path parameters not too much, URL address as short as possible, and try to follow Home + + + channel page column page content page etc. provisions. Although the love of Shanghai does not discriminate against the dynamic web site, but I believe that the best or static.

as everyone knows, Links is a feasible way to improve the weight, but I think the new website is not a chain, the reason is the weight of rising too fast, more than a search engine that the upper limit will be considered cheating. Do Links in the assessment period (after the home page, the inside pages, the snapshot is normal, after a month to do). After the assessment period do friends chain to have, gradually increase. For example, a week to do two, a month 8, 40 even if appropriate to do this kind of speed, because the more the danger (link to bad neighbors).

website, presumably you Shanghai dragon Er have is very clear, the update to home page keep update, snapshot update will accelerate. The new content must be original or false original, otherwise it is difficult to obtain the weight through the assessment period. Content update frequency is higher, the faster the snapshot, therefore, when we do content, to update frequency.

Since the author is engaged in Shanghai dragon

for new sites, other general such as BBS signature, blog, question answering platform for this kind of external chain or the need to do, this can lead spider, is good for the website snapshot update, but for this chain, the weight is not.

more than three years, handling sites also have more than 30, today slightly put some new sites for fast increase the weight of experience and share, if have a wrong place, please do not shoot the God! I believe that a new website at the beginning of the design, the first is to solve the home page open speed problem, so the author all handled the website only hang a website for the record, call center, Shanghai Longfeng statistical tools, home to accomplish little pictures so as not to affect the speed of opening.

, many webmaster to add new web page weight, love on the inside and can go to home page anchor text, the author thinks that it will be love Shanghai judge for cheating behavior, because in the navigation, bread crumbs and other places have been pointing to the home page. Recommendations point to page anchor text keywords in the breadcrumb navigation home position plus one, this will also ensure that each page has links to the home page.

As for the

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