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Forwards lists six kinds of commonly used tools in Shanghai Dragon

3, the home station webmaster tools, online tools, http:tool. Chinaz. Com. Shanghai Longfeng tools a comprehensive, almost won the Shanghai dragon and other related tools station. Here are a few good tools for the red box marked a personal preference. The query data is relatively accurate, the only regret is the need of continuous query interval of about 20 seconds.

4, the webmaster helper nets, online tools, http:www. Linkhelper. Cn. One of the Shanghai dragon tools more professional, is also very rich, and faster. A few good tools for the red box marked.

5, the webmaster toolbox, but there is no need to download the installation. Shanghai Longfeng tool is divided into query and keyword ranking query. The query result is more accurate and faster. The main feature is the batch can query multiple keywords in a search engine ranking, query results can not be stored online but can be exported.

1, Shanghai love index, online tools, http:index. Baidu. Com. This is our study keywords in the search engine in the fierce competition in Shanghai, love is the best the most intuitive tool to love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization index is higher, more difficult, but this is not absolute. It is worth mentioning that the keyword index does not represent the love of Shanghai high effective search keyword can bring to you, such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is often staff to search the word ranking and not to click on it.


I have been asked Shanghai dragon tools Shanghai Longfeng blog classification, did not listen to the Hefei Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tool? Is a limited time, after all, have a job, a little knowledge of the renewal of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon blog every day only, and the content of Shanghai Dragon said not much less said also many; on the other hand, we usually used to believe that children’s shoes are tools used to have time to straighten out the point to chat with you this. If someone asked, to talk about some of the most common tools across the Shanghai dragon, master.






2, YAHOO webmaster tools, online tools, http:sitemap. Cn. Yahoo. Com. This is the webmaster of external links to the best tools, not one. It can display the data link site comprehensively, at the same time according to the importance of links on your website ranking, this point in our building links or research competitors link structure provides help.

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