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Share the love Shanghai product promotion experience library and encyclopedia

come to talk about love Shanghai Encyclopedia:

encyclopedia in the hearts of our generation is the basic symbol of authority, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love belongs to love Shanghai products, the exposure rate is extremely high, so the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has given people the feeling is a high degree of authority. We trust this one basically is completely fix, then waiting for us to do the promotion. There are two types of encyclopedia promotion, either pure text ads, either with a silent advertising links. Due to the weight of reason, extension staff only text ads based on

love Shanghai library can upload the file format there are many, but for marketers, TXT, Doc, PPT of the three is enough. Why is it called the library? You can see it as a library, what is it? Yes, upload the article must "look" very authoritative. Of course, I also found some irrelevant answer through the library, how can make nothing of it. Although love Shanghai in the library URL can crawl to love Shanghai, but also should pay attention to promote a user experience. The uploaded file cannot read yourself how can you expect other people to download your documents you link? In this domain+ domain name search command, library links are included, I infer that if the document containing the anchor text should then also be in love with the sea spiders crawl, it is recommended to use word to edit and upload documents. Links don’t add too much, less than three can be achieved. If the audit did not pass, not afraid, for an article tidying up a bit, with a few relevant pictures, is easy to have. Additionally, the love of Shanghai library now is more tangled, because before involving copyright issues, so it becomes very carefully, and even upload infringing document will cause your account is disabled". OK, the opportunity to come. This gives us a link with the reason to work in just ways. Usually add a copyright statement at the end of the article, this article from the +url, are usually not considered advertising links, unless your article is too much time, and happened to meet a strict auditor.

said the first love Shanghai Library:

love Shanghai in addition to do search engines, in recent years the other products do is like a raging fire. The weight of their products is high, included fast. Because the domestic search engine love Shanghai is the boss, so it had to look at the cue, if marketers love Shanghai products are not on, that’s too bad. Although the recent love Shanghai strict management, but "marketing is like water to penetrate into every corner. So these days and we share the love of Shanghai product marketing experience.

if you are careful, you can find love in Shanghai can do the promotion of the product is too much, the article is not written. So about these will separate and share, the episode title is how to make love and love the Shanghai library Shanghai Encyclopedia promotion.

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