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Teaching new site four site after molding we do how to optimize

three, learn to self review and inspection

external links represent a key step in the very important for search engine optimization inside, so we can not underestimate the webmaster every external links increase, but for the novice webmaster have many do not know how to increase the external links, here I teach a few tricks, we can find some good the original and the end and our website keyword and URL and release to some related similar forums and websites on their website, that is the effective external link promotion, if there is some forum account such as an account in the A5 forum, we can put their own personal signature is also added. And in our words, while browsing the forums when is silently in the external links, and the fastest and most direct way is to write Contributions to A5, as long as the A5 approved so you outside of the chain increase is very fast, because every day there are many sites in the A5 collection of news articles there are a lot of people think of your article is good to reprint.

four, the original and pseudo original

want to be a good webmaster so we must learn their own independent original, search engine is the original love very so as long as your site with original content are then website ranking must be very good, the search engine is not.

front and say "novice site teaching three: search engine optimization and website update" are basically already digested almost, but many novice asked me how the relative of optimization, today we will talk about the most important forming station site after how we optimized today compared with the course and I hope to help you.

, a daily maintenance and update

two, the increase of

external links

station since we are unavoidably punished by search engine fate, so we should learn to self review and check if the site being punished or we can timely find out what is wrong in order to solve this problem to get search engine good favor, every day we launched the first thing first from the friendship the link to start checking to see if we link the site of punishment or have other problems, the second is the site of our own home page to see if the increase and decrease included then check whether these jobs are timely snapshot.

said the site is a chore is a manual work and demanding these live, say yes indeed station not only to be able to endure loneliness, boring, boring to withstand torture, a careful search engine to give you a small penalty so you don’t give up, because the search engines love test the webmaster of patience and tolerance, so we have to do is put to do daily maintenance and timely updates, since we should not drag on the site, must be completed today. We must insist to finish it.

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