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Do exchange chain website needs to pay attention to what

two, Shen of low correlation Links

We all know that

three, and has no health information website links.

for the Links we should all know very clearly, in fact Links is equivalent to their own website to do a high quality of the external links, we should not only look beyond the high PR for friends of the chain to be connected to the site, we should go on a rational point of view, even if the other side of the rankings again good, no other external conditions are determined not to do link with this site, if not carefully let the other website involve your website is down right so that Links The loss outweighs the gain., website to, a good friend chain site is more important, but a lot of Shanghai Shanghai dragon company the owners have to say, some sites do not have Links but included rankings or traffic as well, this is another matter.

The importance of

correlation Links stronger the more it can reflect the weight advantage to improve website ranking. And many webmaster looking for Links, have relevance to ignore. The new snapshot, included factors of high and high PR of these surfaces in the first place. In fact, this is the only example join webmaster QQ group, you can see many webmaster find links in the group, no matter what only measurements is related to how to do. To enhance the role of this Links ranking on the site weight can be ignored, unless other weight higher than their half, or two times of their own, or with their equivalent and not related to the chain link, search engine will not buy it, but many poor correlation easily be treated as a link. Now the search engine for link penalty is quite serious, such as the owners have to be careful, to check how Links their correlation. A careless may give their website optimization attracted unnecessary trouble ah.

, do not join the Links workshop

for the link works, many people know its drawbacks, once by the search engine, right down K station can not leave. For the regular website, link workshop is like a time bomb, a lot of websites to join after all suffer, but also to the search engine link factory punishment is heavy punishment, is to reduce the lightest website ranking, or never index content. So, for the link factory, if you are going to do the regular long-term site, then it should be far away from a high ranking, do not be lost do long-term plan to station. Although K can change the domain name for content, but wasted a lot of time, to do a new means to start all over again, and there is a new assessment period period is long, who also don’t know. Join the Links workshop, which is equivalent to their own website to cheat on that one, will lead to negative effect, is just a matter of time. So, for the sake of safety, the author suggest webmaster do not easily add links can consult some workshops, the harm by the harm owners.

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