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Shanghai Longfeng work do not hesitate do one thing under cover of another

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a complex work, whether you are an entrepreneur or are working for others, eventually do website optimization, always cannot do without a good attitude. In the face of repeating the same thing every day and stay up late into the night, to maintain a good attitude, then your life is gradually mature and the exercise you take it leisurely and unoppressively and the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Today I saw a very good article that is compared to the optimization of the income, the income of tens of thousands, but the income is not high, may be lower. Would you ask why such a big difference, of course, have a great relationship with their own state of mind, not a good attitude, in the face of any website is incomprehensible, not to keep the common heart to treat this is the difference.

shopping malls such as the battlefield, success and failure is often to do so is a wrong thought in passing, optimization. The site will also make a wave has a very good mentality and the optimization master loses the norm, it becomes. Shanghai Longfeng optimization path and direction of a long way to go, don’t be clever in front of the search engine, the so-called one upmanship, the search engine is always unable to locate long-term thinking, maybe your cleverness bring you temporary interests, long-term pain may be far more from you.

> three.

two, don’t get smart, eventually returning to the origin.

when I was a young and ignorant novice, often see some master in a short period of time to do the site’s ranking is very good, but one thing is unbelievable, will be questioned even with money to buy this technology to make your web site also can quickly go. There is a saying that good "climb higher, fall too fast". Like many of these sites are cheating way to reach your destination, just short of the benefits for a long time, soon became the search engine the sword soul, gone for ever. So we need to do the optimization of honest, down-to-earth to do, so the search engine’s exhaust, also may not be your site pull left 10 fen. Do this industry, do not have a very high standard is unable to escape the search tracking and recognition engine, unless you are its nemesis, as a novice, we should do is to learn more knowledge to promote, rather than to learn some straight thinking, no not to stop the diamond porcelain, porcelain gold.

in Shanghai dragon three years, experienced too much. Summed up the failure than success, failure may more understand it is true. Three years, with the search engines to deal with each other not to understand each other, but as a search engine to close to the people, may take up more, it is good to feel disgust, for a long time, it will adjust their thinking, inject new knowledge to get higher the realm of love, Shanghai search engine is so.

, the webmaster has a good mentality

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