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Shanghai Longfeng please don’t be a person to fight

especially now love Shanghai, for the quality requirements more and more high, is not only a person by the acquisition will be able to do site optimization, with the chain group tools will be able to bring up the rankings, with the sale of the link can achieve the home page in the key words. Although the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, individual Shanghai dragon feeling more and more difficult to do. Even the article will go to the original manual on their own, the pseudo original tool has been more and more far away from their own, all the chain for the emperor, the chain is king hang in the mouth of the Shanghai dragon ER is now slowly about the user experience, the article discussed the original.

2. brand promotion speed is also very slow

alone still exists in reality

for the enterprise, if only one person on that in network marketing, and competitors have team work, for the enterprise, may do more harm than good.

alone Dou Shanghai Longfeng imperfect

Shanghai dragon still there are a lot of people in the line of hard work alone. What are the individual alone stored in the case of enterprises? Answer: "small company. What kind of small company? Answer: "network of only one person company.

for all walks of life today, Shanghai dragon has been competition to incandescence state, a person to fight, it looks bloated. You may still try to learn new technology, pay attention to the latest situation in Shanghai dragon. If you are still a man to fight, for the enterprise, even if the keywords ranking one brilliant, also easy to be ahead of the competition, it’s only a matter of time.

alone It is all up with

1. time competitors are more likely to go beyond their own

obviously, hard work in this company is the Shanghai dragon ER editing, promotion, optimization of the working set of a body, sometimes you have to shoulder the management role. This is really a chance to exercise one’s forehead. In virtually trained you to edit ability, promotion level, optimization technology. However, the effect of optimization depends on your industry. I I was in such a company, from today for three years. At that time, the competition of industry a person can do fast to Shanghai dragon.

any time we will hear in the enterprise leadership emphasis on team spirit, Shanghai dragon is the same, this is not a team in the team, and woe, is the future direction of Shanghai dragon ER.

short, one of the Shanghai dragon ER to fight it, the process will be very difficult. But if companies want to develop, we should pay more attention to the construction team. Especially now more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the network.

3. personal energy capacity is limited, not very good to operate the site

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