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Snapshot not update included several factors influence snapshot has increased

web site regularly to update, can let the habit to grab the spider, also can let the confidence of the website promotion, update rules can make good articles included more timely, but every day the update, the snapshot will update? This is not me, this site is updated daily articles, although the number is not more generally, update 5 articles, can be made in time, but the snapshot still does not change, so the content update, I think the main factor is not driving the snapshot update, let the snapshot is updated every day, and not in the station every day to get more new articles.


The change of



ChinaZ Webmaster Tools query the data:

two, the chain is the main factor affecting

This is the website of the


, a website update regularly

love Shanghai Statistics website included:

was originally the site is updated daily snapshot, because recently busy, stop the construction of the chain, update only in the station, then caused the snapshot not update, the chain is really able to update website snapshot? From the analysis of the role of the chain, it can not only increase the weight of our web site the spider can also be a guide to our website to grab, from their own practice, personal feeling factors of the updated snapshot is most important for the construction of the chain rule, such as the daily release 50 chain, coupled with the station for the update, the snapshot will update everyday, sometimes the station will not update, snapshot every day, so I think the chain is an important factor affecting the snapshot update.

website snapshot occupies an important position in the hearts of many owners, every day with the first look at the query tool is to look at the website snapshot is updated, the recently discovered own website snapshot stop updating, has been in September 23rd, but the updated daily articles can be collected, included the number is on the rise, and the number of keywords the chain rankings are relatively stable, not much change what.

weight and trust website whether equal? The higher the weight of the website of the higher trust, not the weight of the site there is no trust? This was obviously a mistake, because a lot of new snapshots updated daily, from the weight aspect, new sites must be very low, but the degree of trust and it can make the article included fast, good website snapshot update >;

data, the site from the site to the optimization, are sponsored by their own, so for each link of the website, they are very clear, here’s what what factors will affect the site snapshot update (are some of their total knot out of the:

three, the website weight and trust on the

) snapshot update

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