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See the Chinese optimization from a small bit of noble baby project operation

3, the bottom of the copyright reserved: to add link keywords effect return set;


before a certain operation history, a total of 3 optimization keywords, Shanghai Shanghai environmental protection bags, non-woven bags and canvas bag of www.sh-guichuan贵族宝贝 dynamic and client site, after keywords fluctuations in April 25th of this year, after it has been no words are online, keywords in late October Shanghai non-woven bags, canvas bags are the nobles before the baby 5 pages, plus the need of the project, so the fluctuation of keywords operation become my on-line target for November, my main work and related experience in the next half a month before the time:


October 27th, description will modify the title home page, a canvas bag in advance;


is required for a project in the company on the end of the month, received a "sudden" task, a month will be Shanghai keywords non-woven bags, canvas bags to nobility baby home, and keep stable, in retrospect, half a month later, midway project ranking is also quite a bit more ups and downs, feel, deeply appreciate the Shanghai dragon man told me a word: Shanghai dragon is focused on implementation, not a strategy is the core of management, not technology. We share with us:

1, modify the

experience sharing: a website to grab some important pages, these pages with relatively still have a higher weight, by setting the long tail keywords, to improve web page weight, so as to improve the site keywords ranking.

experience sharing: the October 30th amendments to the web page title update at the same time, search Shanghai non-woven bags, Description Introduction to grab the content in the

keyword ranking optimization has declined, and this situation appears, I summarize the fluctuation of Shanghai keywords non-woven bags, canvas bags, special effects put too close, then the tilt effect of Shanghai non-woven bag word into the second paragraph. The following figure:

experience sharing: the role of the bottom of the copyright part is a return, and increase the keyword density of the page optimization.

4, other website page optimization settings: on the navigation page of the site, Title Description re set, set the long tail keywords

, web page > 5


Some settings to optimize the key effect of The

2, the home page

experience sharing: according to the need of the website itself to remove the company name, etc., to optimize the effect of the fluctuation of the keywords set.

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