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Teach you how to get out of the box Google grassroots

Shanghai dragon may not need too much attention to the content of the above contents in the above, but with the improvement of search engine optimization technology, these are standardized, so these contents are more and more quality, high quality, original, these are not those reproduced and pseudo original low degree the article can be replaced.

has set up the website is not easy in the search engine rankings above, this is the request in the website optimization process to pay attention to the diversification of Web site optimization, can not take the easy route, as a mere formality, to establish good optimization methods, this will get the favour of noble baby. If your site


chain too fast increase the establishment will make the site of previous ranking is reduced, these are noble baby search engine that there will be tricky, investigation, so ranking and weight will not give too much.


means 3: link too quickly to establish

means 6: all links will be linked to a point

means 4: website content garbage or duplicate content

anchor text

to get keywords ranking must remove too many links to the keyword in the anchor text on your site, so too many links will reduce the site’s ranking, if those who have established the authority of the link is not to say. I like the construction of the lottery management system www.sushiguan.cn site, the anchor text in some of the weight of a good site, which helps to improve the site keywords ranking I, because of the high weight website do links, to transfer my weight of lottery management system of the site is high.

baby is not such a noble love website, that all the web links on one point, it will get the punishment and drop right noble baby.

set up outside the chain of high quality to ensure the speed is not too fast, otherwise it will cause good things as bad things were originally treated.

means 2: garbage chain

means 1: optimization of

means 5: user generated content

user generated content in quality is very low, so it does not meet the needs of nobility baby in the search, can not be accepted by the majority of users, can not meet these people’s experience, so the survival in the above is very low.

waste too much the chain will affect the site’s ranking and stability, the chain will need to remove the garbage in the work, now a crackdown on the chain of garbage is also big. In order not to affect the lottery system site management my ranking, the chain every week I regularly check the site, the timely processing of the chain of garbage.


in the optimization of the web site, to avoid the punishment by Google, the area should be careful of Google. How can we avoid the area? This is the need to pay attention to many problems and solutions.

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