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The 10 reason love Shanghai snapshot

many webmaster do Shanghai dragon too eager to make a keyword, but a few days later, found the keyword ranking has not gone up, then quickly changed the words, change the title, description, let the crawler disoriented.

we all know, the chain can improve the site included, on the one hand, external links can increase the weight of your site, cause love Shanghai reptile on your web site’s attention, another.

three, frequent change site title

now uses the information collection sites have a lot of content, although the update will be very convenient, update frequency can also be ensured, but little original content, plus the acquisition rules is not flexible, the collection of content in a complete mess, highly repetitive content is too much, will not love Shanghai crawler to patronize, because are you content here, it has seen more than tens of thousands of times, not diligent update.

many sites have encountered problems, because the filing service stopped a few days before the return to normal, found love Shanghai snapshot, this is pretty good, not by K is lucky; the website was hacked up Trojan or malicious attacks, JS jump, so the stability of the site, love is not love Shanghai.

, the web server is not stable

six, the chain is less than

, a website is not updated frequently or not update

this is the most common case, many websites, blogs or web page content rarely, the first time to love Shanghai reptile like this now, second times did not change, it will think your update is not frequent or no update, so love Shanghai crawler take a long time to come. Or not to love, Shanghai will remain in a time. This is very common in the past, but usually do not affect the ranking.

four, the website structure change much

I believe that many webmaster will often pay attention to their own website snapshot update whether love Shanghai, love Shanghai when the snapshot not update or correction when they become extremely anxious, this is affecting love included on the website of the Shanghai. In this case, we have to calm down, to carry on the analysis, as long as the analysis to some, the snapshot will naturally recover. Today I will for you to summarize, 10 factors influencing love Shanghai snapshot.


two, collection content, content repetition

website is often encounter things, small changes will not have any effect, but if the structure of your site have change adjustment, which is bound to affect Shanghai love website snapshot. I remember when I burn nets replaced in version fourth and version fifth, the entire page structure and have made substantial adjustments. Before the love Shanghai snapshot is updating every day, but after the revision for two weeks is not updated snapshot, but don’t worry, optimize the search engine, can resume soon.


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