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The Shanghai dragon pattern first and then build the steady development of the new weight flow layou


refers to the network marketing, many people will immediately think site, followed by Shanghai dragon. This shows the status of the website in Internet marketing, also shows an Shanghai dragon in network marketing. In network marketing, promotion and promotion of free charge does not exist advantages and disadvantages, has its advantages and disadvantages, and free promotion is not without cost, regardless of what kind of promotion way is to get traffic, contribute to the ultimate profit. Most of the sites will profit to define the procedure as the basis for the establishment of the website: then the implementation of the Shanghai dragon, the keywords in the search engine rankings to get traffic, the third step is to negotiate with customers, achieve the purpose of marketing, the structure of flow:

1. was established: the importance of website construction and promotion flow. Any website originally is not perfect, and it is not possible to have what traffic, so we should spend more time to improve the content of the website, and through a variety of ways to get traffic, so that the profit will be. At the same time, the content of the website construction is part of Shanghai Longfeng work, we will be the site of Shanghai dragon and website construction integration, not only can save a lot of time, but also can achieve the best effect, advantage is more competitive than the day after the tonic.

through a lot of successful marketing site shows that the funnel model above can be changed, is not the first Shanghai dragon, after get traffic, but on the basis of traffic flow, Shanghai dragon and profit become a complementary whole, from promoting each other, so that the beginning of the establishment of the marketing platform it is profitable, go on the road of sustainable development. This is the author of this article will say "Shanghai mode", the anti Phoenix model as follows:

The initial

2. stable sites in the middle: survived the first period of the ice flow, and profits will slowly on the right track, this time our team tends to be stable, the division will gradually clear, the early Shanghai dragon effect, flow steadily, this time we need more energy to create profits, such as increased customer service personnel, establish efficient marketing team. During this period, the center part of the building site to witness the user consumer experience and customer oriented, focus on strengthening customer trust, enhance customer satisfaction, so as to form an effective word-of-mouth effect.

in this model, Shanghai dragon, traffic, website construction and profit is always parallel, but there are different emphases in different periods of the development of website:

taking the mode of operation of the marketing website, usually the initial investment is very large, and almost no profit, the enterprise’s future depends entirely on whether it is wise, high decision upfront capital adequacy reserve basis, which leads to many independent network marketing platform before the beginning of the development is difficult to maintain, with the passion of youth and to be "man proposes the old saying" God disposes.

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