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You also please the webmaster forum is a piece of pure land

used to optimize work to strengthen my lottery website, I build a forum, hope to use lottery related forums to promote their Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/, but also for their own website brand, use well reputation. But I was fantastic, the forum was built in less than a month, I will give up, have no confidence, not many forum members, posting machine groups. How to prevent post machine is the webmaster often talk about. The webmaster also afraid to post such machine is too strict blow, the website does not flow, that this forum is a shell.

1, if the forum has the resources, the quality of the post, then I suggest you use invitationmechanism >

The amount of

has just entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, forum marketing is a main resource of the lottery website I do. This website platform for me to bring a lot of traffic has also brought a very high conversion rate for my lottery website. It can be said once the forum feed one person. Why is it once, because now the forum has no such effect. With more and more webmaster forum advertising, people on the forum information trust also greatly reduced. Now the forum gives the impression that the advertising place, this concept has gained. Please the webmaster forum, also a piece of pure land. Such a large number of advertising, no matter what kind of resources will be made to die one day, then we will be more difficult to optimize work.

how to prevent such advertising in the popular forum, have the following suggestions:

postA typical feature of

method has been implemented in many forums, so many owners to build a water district dedicated to all the webmaster like irrigation, advertising platform. Often see information about lottery in the forum, the purpose of doing so is the hope that it can have other platforms a piece of pure land, but we all know that the irrigation district is dedicated to advertise, see themselves less slowly, not people are reluctant to advertise on the inside. Slowly the water district has also become an empty shell. So do the webmaster forum is also a headache thing. But this is also a good method.

advertising webmaster is, a large number of registered accounts, registered a an advertisement, as do many lottery website owners is batch registration account, and then to find the link, can send lottery links of the forum, to die, to know this forum send dead stop. The forum to ensure that the user experience, not set too complicated to operate, registration. So many in the forum posting privileges on the set, novice can not post, need to be raised to a certain level account have permission to post.

2, set the permissions for the

1, the establishment of special Irrigation District

advertising in the forum, a time to fight the webmaster hair advertising tricks. Batch registration, prevent batch have been restricted in the prevention of post. The specific method is:

This In order to prevent

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