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Know why Shanghai dragon blog will be unpopular it

some Shanghai dragon blog updated daily, this looks very good, because it is difficult to write a blog every day, but is written by some of the running account, such as today, ranking number rose today, the chain increased much, today for a few Links, because every update can please search spider, in order to improve the snapshot the update, but the content is very poor quality, let a person do not bear to look at.

because I also do Shanghai dragon, the blog also wrote Shanghai dragon, I naturally do not exclude Shanghai Longfeng class blog, I will be more of this kind of blog, for the reason you know. Also sometimes and readers who disliked the Shanghai dragon blog like this kind of reflection, because many of them are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. The following order to common causes of several Shanghai Longfeng blog will be unpopular.

1, a lot of people do not love the Shanghai dragon. There are many independent blog are disgusted to do Shanghai Longfeng people to leave a message or comment, because as the message name to add keywords, these bloggers think Shanghai dragon made too much garbage, reprint, collection, pseudo original, admittedly, those in Shanghai Longfeng inside is very common. Because some websites can not produce more original, so these will become a reasonable way.

2, typical for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. This is one of the most common phenomenon, many people do not like the Shanghai dragon blog is also because of this reason, that is the main Bo call directly with the Shanghai dragon instead of the certain keywords, and use keywords as the subject is to Shanghai dragon, such as raising the key word density, increase internal anchor text keywords. And usually do so is the impact on the user experience, such as I in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon to replace me the subject title, do not look at the no name or title in the words of logo, who will know Guangzhou Shanghai dragon is Xiao Junne, because the same Guangzhou Shanghai dragon chicken very much.

you may think I can play such a title, your blog is not Shanghai dragon blog? Yes, I also Shanghai dragon blog, is today to write this topic, because this phenomenon does exist, but also in many people reflect the. Often in other Shanghai dragon blog to see "another Shanghai dragon blog", "half sentence from Shanghai dragon" and "the topic in many blogs have seen Shanghai dragon" and so on the comment, indeed, do not write blog Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon phoenix that is also called the Shanghai dragon blog? Actually careful observation is not easy to find, non readers have these reflect Shanghai dragon is justified.

3, a large number of reproduced or pseudo original article Shanghai dragon. In this blog, there should not have, blog is the most direct communication and interaction platform, if to Shanghai dragon to reprint or pseudo original large number of articles, blog readability of such nature will be greatly reduced, there are >

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