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How to check the system of cosmetic website home page by reason of K

, of course, is not just so simple, in fact, deep-seated problems maybe when I haven’t realized that in space before, our website administrator had changed a few times title and keywords website also re defined. The problem should appear in the steps, that we have always stressed.

I have doubted is the site of the space is a problem, the main site is changed before the new space, the original space is an Internet company, then the company privately to help cosmetic website for a new space, it is also the change of the space, the main cause of the web site keywords decline even the front page of the site was the result of K. In addition, the space itself is before or are problems.


for a long time not and the webmaster and grassroots webmaster discussion on common problems and problems in optimization, we need to pay attention to what. Recently this time is too busy, busy get Pipi pushed several other city such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and so on, also recently busy Lane Guangzhou Volkswagen Moving company. In a word, a new word I recently met to communicate with everybody. Do the medical industry site has been two or three years before, I have been engaged in the traditional industry website optimization, website promotion and offline sales analysis, website data analysis, many webmaster said Pippi push Chen Xiaohuan is an expert. Not so straightforward to brag. I still need to be down-to-earth and pragmatic is more likely to succeed.


for the upcoming web site optimization, the general cause, I first to introduce: the website is officially launched in December 23, 2010, then the daily operation of website within 1-3 months 3 months are normal, including web site traffic, IP and PV, and the main key words and long tail keywords are ranking good. But since entering April, the website ranking suddenly drop, and some of the main keywords such as plastic surgery, plastic surgery hospital, the word suddenly disappeared, including the site of the long tail keywords such as Nanjing’s best plastic surgery hospital, how much money Nanjing plastic, this kind of words also disappeared, the signs that we are in danger or site will be. The result of punishment after one week after It is as expected, the front page of the site by the Shanghai love punishment, is known to meet the love of Shanghai K station.

recently encountered such a site, the site by K home page, content page included normal, when in fact before I engaged in medical network marketing, once encountered, why is this? What is the result of this situation. As in my network marketing "doctor", I just need to go to study site is the cause of the K, identify the reasons, and then go through the method to deal with perfectly logical and reasonable.

love K station in Shanghai, why would lead to such a serious problem? Love Shanghai K station to solve difficult? That I have not solved the problem of

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