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How to capture the benefits of long tail keywords

so how can be better to choose to make a profit on the long tail keywords? I believe that from the three aspects, the first to use love Shanghai love Shanghai index index, data evaluation of a variety of keywords, long tail keywords general index at around 100 with high attraction, which indicates that the long tail keywords have a certain popularity, on the other hand also highlights the long tail keywords competition degree is not so high, so suitable grassroots webmaster to optimize, because the competition degree is not high, so better able to enhance such a long tail word ranking.


long tail keywords is a very puzzling thing for many webmaster, this is mainly reflected in what kind of keywords is the long tail keywords in a large number of long tail keywords? How to capture the long tail keywords to create maximum benefit for the website? Because when a keyword can appear around the keywords to produce numerous the long tail keywords, if these are to get the site long tail keywords to optimize for personal webmaster, undoubtedly is a not fit to the actual things, and a lot of long tail keywords is not to create profits for the owners, so do also is white.

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but the long tail keywords is not much, but also love Shanghai is not so comprehensive index record, in fact a lot of long tail keywords still need their own painstaking fathom, such as talent network in this form, most of the time has been fixed on the long tail keywords in place based on the name of the industry to little talent website operating on the Internet, and the long tail keywords operating place with the industry in this form is less, and the long tail keywords has some risks, but if successful can create more benefits for the web site.

long tail keywords, but to create profits for the owners rarely, this needs the webmaster has a special ability of discerning, to know the theory according to the experts, a website that constitute the profits tend to follow 28 principles, that is to say a website source of profit is only 20% from the core key words, and the other 80% from the characteristic of long tail keywords, from this point of view, it is very necessary to choose the appropriate long tail keywords.

to make the site of the long tail keywords to create maximum benefit, we must first start from the understanding of long tail keywords. According to experts in the United States the theory of long tail keywords is actually a core keywords as the core, and add a variety of attributes in the core keywords, such as talent network keywords is a core keywords, add a place on the site or added industries, such as Hotel South talent network, is a place to add to the long tail keywords industry but, in this words can also add some properties, such as the Hotel South where to find talent network and so on, it has a large number of long tail keywords, which is a key word around the core keywords derived.

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