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How to let outsiders pay our wages in Shanghai Dragon

and most engaged in the search engine industry, the working people, we pay for the customers, no customer no payment of our income, while the majority of these customers are business owners, is outside the Shanghai dragon industry, they do not know how to search engine marketing, social media, Web links the construction and so on, even they will be Shanghai dragon souls and their profits completely confused, working under such environment, is likely to be the optimal relation between workers and customers is very bad.

I’m sure most of the practice of search engine marketing personnel every day will encounter similar requirements, which indicates the potential customers that is very naive, this is very reasonable, they just say they need a website, the website has provided clues, they hope that these clues from search engines.

is worse, we provide solutions for your industry is filled with low cost for people, but provides little commitment to structure, the negative image that will make your potential new client being stung or beware you are a veteran of fraud. However, the correct way is to use simple language and reality set expected to seize a search marketing project, early stage will likely lead to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

here is a project I recently met with a potential customer, first contact, he is a professional architect, his personal power is higher than the average level, he runs a very successful architectural practice, and along the other commercial interests, query the reason, he needs a new the web site. However, in an almost one-time statement, he said, the new site will need to be on the first page of Google in the United Kingdom, the United States and canada.

is very important for you, the next step, how to ensure the future of long-distance customer service. The only feasible method I use is to spend some time with the customer to let them know the working principle of search engine marketing.

second, more.

first, we sort out some successful optimization case, explain, what is Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon successful way, you need to control this process in a few minutes, business owners need to seize the points of interest lies in the course of demonstration, most business people on their competitors are very interested in so, to provide customers with competitors in SERP show that the high-level information or some hidden information content, such as competitors may pay the bid paid search, website conversion rate promotion mainly from what?

by grasping the hearts of customers to the customer needs enough satisfaction, at the same time, so they usually enjoy transparency helped establish trust. Through these data they can see the future task outline, let them know that you want to make a web site with a certain appreciation, not only with the website ranking can be achieved, a lot of the time it is more important to have a specific direction on the website.

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