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Site construction and optimization with concentric circle are more likely to succeed in winning

website optimization cannot do without the link, because there is no link to the site is an isolated island, unable to find search engine crawling search. Starting from the perspective of a search engine, the main purpose of the two links, one is to provide a path search spider crawling website, a website either inside or outside the chain chain, whether or URL links anchor text keywords, the more easy to search engine crawling search; two link similar elections, tell the search.

two, outside the chain construction adhere to the concentric circle of

unless has cut, do not give a website to determine a theme, at least the website should have only one clear core keywords. For example, a website construction company website, its core business is the construction site, then please refer to the "construction site" as the core of the site keywords. Of course, this does not mean that a web site can only be a keyword, but other keywords need around the word expansion. "Website construction" is the core word, we can extend the "website construction company", "professional website construction", "Shanghai site construction" and other similar words. It is necessary to point out that now most search engines have semantic analysis functions, such as the "construction site", "web design", "Web" basically the same meaning when the website weight accumulation to a certain extent, can also be used as a kind of extension of core words.

has always had a very vague concept, is what is the extension of the word, what is the long tail word. We all understand very well the core word, and core words based on extension to keywords is to extend the above mentioned words, such as "Shanghai construction site", "web design" is based on key words long tail word; extended words on the further extension to Shanghai, such as "professional website construction company". Generally speaking, a site can have a core word, extend dozens of words, but the long tail word can reach dozens or even hundreds of thousands of. The core keyword is the center of the circle, with the continuous expansion of the radius are extended, the long tail word word. Keywords determination method of concentric circle, can effectively accumulate website weight to the core keywords, is a good method of multiplier.

so I had the long-standing view, "website optimization like circle, circle radius is very important" will find this slightly, website optimization must adhere to do, determine the core goal we must do. Like an article, there is always a core, is brilliant but good penmanship sparkling discourse, can not deviate from the central idea. Website construction and website optimization is also the truth, established around the core word page layout, build links, enrich the content of the website, the accumulation effect can be maximized. So, the professional website construction company pilot technology that website optimization not only like the circle, but also to be concentric circle, the key words in the selection, internal and external link building and are the embodiment of the advanced keyword ranking.


, a key basis for selection of concentric circle

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