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Shanghai Longfeng optimization you have to attach great importance to the details of the five

is our focus of optimization, how to put related keywords ranking do more in front of Shanghai Longfeng continuously optimize the pursuit of goals, and in this respect we need layout and Optimization in the whole range of the website according to the key priorities, such as the main highlight keywords and description to the main title keywords and popular keywords, programs and content from popular keywords to long tail keywords.

which relates to the structure of the site itself, only the use of mature, simple and optimal design program to better adapt to the characteristics of the spider crawling, can better understand the structure and content distribution site, this is our Shanghai dragon before optimization must be considered, so that the design is simple and excellent the program is a necessary prerequisite for us to optimize the.

is the chain site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking plays an important role in optimizing method, the workers to the site to construct a series of chain network is one of the focus of optimization. However, there are.

as everyone knows, the working principle of search engine is to send its army spider on the Internet web crawling, fresh, the judge with the value of the content included and ranking to provide to the user, so the spider crawling is for the website search engine weights judgment, included first step number, snapshot update in this sense, we want to let the spider can get smooth crawling experience on the site, rather than to the natural content to crawl.

Whether the structure of

three, the chain is not the number of which is whether the quality of sperm

a website, the program simple optimization

two, the title, description, keywords columns, whether the transition of natural


set is one of the key optimization, select the appropriate keywords is the first step, the second is to put these phrases according to the selected priority arrangements, especially from the title to describe to the column to the contents of these pieces of local optimization, keyword transition must be natural and smooth, do not stack at the same time too, natural transition also has its practical significance for the website users, for users to naturally read and understand the content of the web site, find the required content etc..

optimization is the process of Shanghai dragon website from structure to content of each link to re-examine and design, is the establishment of free style gradually to the normalization process, details of the direction of development of the inevitable stage. Because we all know the search engine for the important sites, so the appropriate optimization is one aspect that can’t be ignored in the process of website construction. However, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not as many people think are some big and empty things, on the contrary, it is composed of many details, is that we need to grasp the details of each site and optimization, and ultimately to receive optimal results. In the optimization process, there are five details that we have to attach great importance to and strictly implement the:


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