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Teach you how to diagnose your website catalog


here on a directory navigation points need to be with you again, before seen a lot of enterprise website, there are a lot of the navigation or picture format into Flash format, the reason for this is because most want the website looks more beautiful, but this kind of impact on the site is quite large, because the search engine is not able to identify flash, and for the image search engine is also need to rely on the ALT label to identify, so if we make the directory navigation flash or images so it is a blank in the search engine, is not very friendly to search engines, so at the beginning of the site for the directory navigation and we will pay attention to this point, we have to do with the anchor text navigation directory.

two, navigation directory to keep reading

re design of navigation directory we must first do our navigation directory to meet the user’s logic, we must be clear between the home directory and is a parallel relationship, there is no relationship between including and included. We are fitting out a case such as the decoration industry such as we have a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, TV wall, the study, if we have a map of the decoration effect of TV wall, so we cannot get the TV wall decoration effect diagram in the directory, because the TV wall belongs to a part of the living room and if in the directory does not conform to the logic users also destroyed the structure of the site, because the living room renovation renderings and TV wall decoration effect diagram is between containing and being contained, TV wall decoration effect diagram we can put it in the title, and give a section on the home page, but in we should put in the directory is the living room decoration renderings.

, a navigation directory cannot appear illogical



directory title and page navigation in the title is not the same, the general page navigation in the text are directory Title abbreviation, we do not engage in some very professional words when making the title page navigation, because we have very professional words will let users cannot read, he would not go on, we must try to fool, length in 4 or so you can Chinese characters, concise and comprehensive, the entire site navigation directory is for user service, users are lazy, he hopes to immediately get what he wants is not to think of a navigation is what meaning, so keep the navigation directory the height of reading is very important.

when users enter our website, website directory navigation function is to guide the user to the next click, we encourage users to browse more content, at the same time for the search engines, navigation directory settings, will give us the comprehensive score and weight site effects, which directly affect the keywords ranking. So the navigation setting is reasonable, the key can better retain customers is that we should consider, today to share some ideas about navigation directory.

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