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The construction of the chain to find another way to bookmark will be remembered fanchon


bookmark will be forgotten, attributed to the webmaster feel bookmarks site is that several search engines return results, more and more clearly, even if there are a few outside the chain and is what? But in the new era of the construction of the chain, so the high weight of the chain is indispensable.

bookmark collection is to let the search engine think this is popular, or potential users through the collection site to see other users to share, will feel valuable industry information, many high quality articles useful in the collection site has not been much attention, due to the not innovative title bookmark the webmaster more choose to use the ctrl+v

encourages users of the site

although the heyday of bookmarks is over, but high weight bookmarks still exist, the same content can be simultaneously to multiple collections and news sites, such as delicious (domestic site), QQ, 360doc bookmarks, dig guest, these nets site weight is very high. Book collection

The Before the Copy and paste

. Share content also needs to have the attractive title, meaningful description, avoid the use of lies and false facts, to arouse the reader’s interest, but not blindly ctrl+v. The bookmark is not easy too long descriptive passages show gorgeous language, many users do not read any more than 100-150 words.

with the search engine algorithm gradually improved, gradually abandoned by the bookmark is the webmaster, but in the search algorithm under the new requirements of the quality of foreign chain is more and more high, the weight of the general bookmarking sites are relatively high, so the quality of the chain is good, so in the construction of the chain to find another way out of the occasion, the author that will be the webmaster bookmark bookmarks to refresh operation.

to do a lot of garbage resources to fight outside the chain of Shanghai dragon era has ended, in the search engine algorithms under the new construction of the chain to find another way out, the shortage of the chain platform, let the webmaster worry, outside the chain of new platform has not been developed for such a predicament, fanchon bookmark chain platform will be the webmaster remember again, whether can be the webmaster web bookmarks again

to the quality and quantity of common win

don’t do ctrl+v

webmaster to do the bookmarks outside the chain, the most is their registered account, the same IP content collection, this collection is easy to be a spider that is cheating, at the same time of this method does not bring more traffic to the site, leading to the final owners will feel the chain method is not suitable for this. Bookmark the chain in the new era, more is to encourage users to share the site collection site, on the site page to add bookmarks button. For example, many Taobao stores will use cash to encourage buyers to return to the way of the shop, or share buy baby, the users share web is useful to other users, the degree of trust potential users of the site will also increase.

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