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Share my journey to Shanghai Longfeng enterprises should be how to do the chain a

effect is good, have been very satisfied! To share with you today is some sites outside the chain of skills, in fact, not to mention what skills are summed up through their pro combat experience.

in the "new on-line 35 days ranked Shanghai home experience love" by encourages me a lot, which also increased the confidence I contribute to the A5, in the text comments have good and bad mixed, but no matter how here to thank you for encouraging me, after all I was novice, if there is no accurate place also please point out. Because do not understand why so many people are coming back from the A5 submission, submission after the success, I truly understand, many of the original site is specifically for the acquisition of A5, we can see the collection:

this is a problem often talked about, is that different, so far does not have a unified view, but we can think about it, in the article published on the A5 can be super >

In the end

forum signature really doesn’t work for you

text link works

recall last year just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon when the optimization is mainly some maintenance site outside the chain, I mainly responsible for the site at that time, starting from the most simple forum signature, topic reply someone else’s post, I believe many beginners are also from the start, gradually began to register some B2B the site, keep some third party blog, all those in the Internet that rotten methods are used, where the blind do the chain site, without a specific plan, without a clear goal, plus the execution is not strong, resulting in a lot of work it is in vain, as to start planning their own goals, try new ideas, the experience of a small and small folding has gradually grown up, through the practice in the first half of this year to have summed up some of the chain Experience:



believes that everyone should have seen a similar argument, BBS signature may be treated as chicken ribs, but I take the opposite attitude, if the export forum from the comparison of some weight high signature link effect is very good, this also explains why so many people in the sale of some like A5, behind, chanaz such as BBS signature, but there are some people who hold this view, it is in a forum page, whether text hyperlinks or signature hyperlinks, from the perspective of the program belong to the a label, because when love sea spiders to a page in the grasp of this so discrimination. Remember the Zac mentioned in the "Shanghai dragon code" in the book, the best link is from the text edit link, it also depends on whether the link after the text, which basically denies the a tag of this statement, some forums are not allowed in this article are linked, so this time only on the Forum the signature.

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