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Five aspects of the new site selection should pay attention to the key words


many newcomers in the new site when love with the name of the company to do a website, but if people do not deliberately in the circumstances, is to do search keywords with your company name will not. >

three, search, competition small keywords

not too hot, nor too special, not too short to have targeted. For example, a web site keywords "Hainan tour group", because he is the main site for people to go to Hainan tourism, so in order to prevent overheating is also afraid of keywords, not targeted, you should choose the "Hainan tourism group", instead of "Hainan tourism" and "tourism group".

two, targeted

, too much competition

Keywords Keywords

website optimization, a lot of people are saying in the chain, the chain, how to optimize the site keywords and things, select a web site often let others ignore. And the website keywords choice, a very important part of the web site optimization is precisely.

site selection should should be good in the network is not open before, if the blind to choose keywords, brought to the site effect is very serious. Could you choose a few keywords to search for it, so even if it’s no matter how high ranking, the website traffic is not, if the wrong words, it should not.

four, with the company’s name as a keyword

When it comes to

in other words, even if you choose the word once the very front rank, but due to the search of the word too many users, users of the purpose of it is less clear. For example, search for "car", his purpose is to want to sell the car, but it is hard to say, there is a possibility that he may want to know more about


the following, I will talk about five aspects of the new web site keywords should be noted:


a key is user search volume, competition and small, strong competitive keywords can make your site after the keyword benefit is reduced, with a lot of time and money, the keywords ranking high. However, the keywords people do, to the most to just "for her people to do the wedding dress".


because of a lot of new website optimization knowledge is relatively small, in the beginning of the selected keyword in the search engines too hot card. For example, a car sold the company website, he wanted to use the word "car" to do your keywords; selling shoes with want to use the word "shoes" and so on, so the key to do the first page search engine ranking is basically impossible, unless there is a large amount of money and the time to do the word ranking, or is the best decision to give up good.

so, this kind of keywords visitors haven’t understand the purpose, to the site to bring benefit decreases the likelihood.


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