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Don’t let your Shanghai Longfeng discount content and service is very important

: why should the user search from the search, to find the content they need. Since users are actively looking for, then we will provide this service. So, users find products is the core, and the user to get your website channel, your product or price etc. These are external factors, these factors together affect the sales of the product. But the core is the product itself. From a macro point of view, the product itself is far greater than the promotion itself, we should also be proportional to the input energy.

from the mouth: This is a very important part of. The website began to write original, outside the chain, for Links are to pave the way for the flow, and with the long-term accumulation, to achieve a certain degree of visibility, this part of the investment will gradually decrease, which is a very good word-of-mouth promotion. If your service and content does not follow the words, word of mouth only plays an opposite role. The equivalent.

let many webmaster contact to Shanghai dragon, I am also one of them, the original love for website, so I entered the ranks of owners. With the accumulation of a period of time, slowly learned a lot of knowledge. Now looking back Shanghai Longfeng, suddenly realize that it is not only to do a keyword ranking so simple, but a system of thinking. The thinking and final content and services together, because the search engines love value to the users of the site, so do a good job of content and services is the best Shanghai dragon, early Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon will only make you a discount.

The rapid development of Internet

from human: we all know the Shanghai dragon need to consume a certain amount of manpower and energy, small projects may be our own doing, and the project needs a team, the team have made the plan, even from product development to start planning, it is not in the discussion. Focus is on the individual owners, individual owners of the time and energy is limited, there are a lot of people are doing part-time, go to work during the day, come back at night to do the station, lack of which would cause the website of the "blood", to provide users with what you want, or you can not continue to provide. The site is equivalent to "chronic Dutch act". Personally think that the site is like a hotel, Shanghai dragon is playing advertising, guests are here, not the quality of your dishes, so maybe next time how many people would not have to. If cooking taste good grasp to go to publicity, so the value of advertising will not be discounted.

I love Shanghai dragon. Because of this, here we discuss some of my ideas. We avoid excessive focus on quasi for traffic, which delayed the construction of the core and essence of the user experience of web site. In fact, Shanghai dragon is not equal to the free flow, and even if the flow is not equal to the high income, we can not blindly pursue the result simply ignored. A few steps from this from the following aspects to split Shanghai dragon, hope to inspire everyone. If have a wrong place, also hope everybody.

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