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Analysis of the influence of the whole process of modification of the title included love Shanghai

spiders crawl and crawl is very normal, but why not update included? This is caused by the effect of modification of the title. Now have to wait longer for the examination, so if we really need to change the site title, then how to do? Love Shanghai currently on the new assessment period within 2 months (according to my observation.

In fact,

many novice webmaster at the beginning of the establishment of the time there is no detailed consideration to the use of the site title, is often in a hurry on the line, in fact, this situation is not good, because in the process of optimization of the late when you find the title is not very suitable could not help modify the site title, this is a new station built in the early a particularly bad situation, of course, you may say after optimization and later how to know the title is not perfect? Here I can tell you is not the title of a web site can be 100% perfect, but the imperfect title we can have other solutions.

first explain this article is mainly out of the misunderstanding to help novice website optimization, can be directly over. Oh, usually we will see many articles about the phenomenon of optimization or technology in the area of A5 is not specific, the concept is vague, personally feel that is not suitable for beginners to understand, even if there is talk about the influence of the Shanghai Title included love is not deep enough, I will detail with a practical example to illustrate the new website the title is not stable is how to influence the whole process of love Shanghai included.

this example is the title of my website early this set: Hefei Essen brush ECU upgrade _ECU upgrade _ master Anhui times good car service, site built in late March, love Shanghai included fast, on-line second days included, only the title page, then has not changed, to not included with WWW the home page for a full 20 days, that is to say twenty-first days from the date of the release included 2 page, after 7 days, that is after a week after the Shanghai love to update 15 articles, the title still has not changed, the change of title in the collection after the update, in order to change the ECU_ ECU upgrade _ECU upgrade Hefei Essen brush master _ Anhui times good car service, this amendment led directly to extend the title assessment period, included since then has not updated to 4.21 when the love of Shanghai was again included to modify the standard Questions after the home page, because the site has been updated, spider is still relatively frequent in 4.27 included update again to 23, but then changed the title: ECU modified _ brush ECU upgrade _ECU upgrade Hefei Essen _ Anhui times master car service, the love of Shanghai quick second days update the snapshot, but not included, then change a title: ECU _ Hefei automobile ECU _ECU upgrade upgrade Essen brush master _ Anhui times good car service, now the snapshot has been stuck on the number 4.28, and included 5 articles were deleted, the more frequent the late changes to the title directly lead to love Shanghai re examination web site.

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