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Alexa ranked 5000 in the web site is to be punished

This year the



the site began operating in 2008, with about two years, Alexa ranking to 5000, is a small business website, the distribution of the site personnel: a network coding technology, kept at about 5-10. The web site in the search engine’s performance is very good, there are hundreds of original, pseudo original articles published every day. In 2011 January, the author also inspected the Shanghai station in love and collection of the chain, the chain is 600 thousand, included not remember, is about 300 thousand (some data error, not much difference about it). A few days ago, the website is reduced to 0, the chain continues to drop to about 30 thousand. Today, the further deterioration of the situation, look at the picture:

is a classified information website and brand, search brand around the world, such as the keyword "XX brand’s official website and other articles, the site was the first love of Shanghai, which is one of the important reasons for the site to get traffic. This situation gained considerable traffic in the past, but changed in recent months, part of the search began complaints to the station, the station can be misleading, and some brands also submitted a protest to love Shanghai. So with the punishment.

can be seen from the chart clearly, now Shanghai has site in love can not find any information on this website including home, outside chain also dropped to a mere 162, it can be said that this is a very serious punishment, so many years, I’ve experienced from search engine punishment almost are minor, by contrast, the punishment can be from the love Shanghai century big punishment, the loss of the site a lot. I want to talk about the website below what do illegal love affairs in Shanghai, hope that the webmaster friends learn a lesson, do not repeat the same mistakes.

finally, today is here, the copyright of things best not to touch, touch is not in a flagrant way if you find this, something for you, that is my happiness. This article from the reprint please indicate: www.19ping贵族宝贝

Look at the front page of

for a long time did not write the article, today I can write something with A5 to share with a friend. The theme of today’s Alexa ranked 5000 in the web site is to be punished, the webmaster is my friend, so I know that traffic is real, and not through the brush flow and get the ranking, I also know that they will have the opportunity to get traffic, can say to.

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