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Between enterprise website network investment industry website and the website of Shanghai dragon


many people think that the enterprise network publicity should be to build a website, all kinds of products listed above, but business is not to the end customer sales, corporate customers are actually distribution agents, so our business activities on the web is to recruit network business, products are only in order to improve the success rate of investment.

At present the enterprise

that other enterprises how to network investment? Try to make the intention of customers with us one by one, the success rate is greatly increased.

analysis, enterprise website is to promote the enterprise, customers are facing the distribution agents, and industry portal real customer is enterprise, all the industry enterprises in the industry portal, enterprise real customer agent dealers to enter the portal is indeed more, but because the enterprise portal enterprise too much. The competition becomes fierce. Compared to our website, Guangdong fuxianda integrated ceiling integrated ceiling brand in this industry, the industry portal, the main purpose is to move around the agents, the customer intention industry portal inside while the quality is relatively high, the number of too many, but compared to inside enterprises is a wolf much less meat. A customer intention of hundreds of companies want to fight, some large enterprises have the economic strength, willing to send a lot of money, to the customer site, the customer network basically by their fault, other enterprise customers get the probability of less.

Now we talk about the

network investment is mainly in the industry portal online, although many industry portal online customer intention, but the ordinary companies found a lot of money spent, the effect is not good, why is this

usually our companies have their own corporate website, but these sites usually are just some of the products show, plus a company profile, and customers usually only from our name card yellow pages into the site, almost no traffic. So we have to do is to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization to the site, let your search engine better, also can be used in a wide range in the relevant forum website related articles and add links to websites, which can not only improve their visibility and display rate, but also can improve the search rankings, let the intention of customers through the network take the initiative to find us, and we are one to one, but not in the portal and hundreds of other peers for customers.


in the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon how to do?

first, not like ordinary personal websites or entertainment sites in Shanghai dragon, because personal website is the pursuit of flow, the number of PV and IP, the greater the flow, the more income, so the personal website of the Shanghai dragon is by all means to get the flow, then the content can be just a little, as long as the attractive click. Don’t send too in the chain of quality, correlation. Although the enterprise website also to flow, but does not require non intentional traffic, visitors to your site, but found not to see the film, soon left, the flow of what is the use? Enterprise website is in need of high quality.

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