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Why is the old site of the collected articles than the original to railway station

station?First, the old

we all know whether a person is good. It is very difficult to judge in the first time. But this time if there is a peripheral understanding or did not know his people to comment on him, we can probably determine whether he is good. The site also is so, an original view of the article you published is correct, very many aspects need others to judge.

second, the old site value added more perfect


I give you now talk about why the old site collection will be even better than the original

, for example, when you want to install a software, you must first go to download the software installation package. So this time you love Shanghai through search engines and through the love of Shanghai rendered page open, if this time the only software page describes without other additional value. Then give you the feeling is certainly not why, because your doubts will be many, this download is available, will not have the virus and so on. When the speed of their own use or emergency > Co.

then need to support the original website? I think for each station are more or less have some fresh original content point injection just like when you accidentally cut his hand, lost a lot of blood. Even if you can only temporarily to inject blood through others, ultimately rely on their own self to maintain your life. So, the site collection or false original or when necessary, still need their own original.


rapid amplification


acquisition or not corpuscles, there are more and more webmaster daily through the acquisition of rules acquisition of the original hard for others. There are many owners because the acquisition caused destruction of the site, of course there are many webmaster has more to do better? Why? In fact, after all is your site is loyal users, if any, then your website success rate is quite high, otherwise it will perish.

everyone team every thought is limited, but the search engine is to quickly turn the latest information spread, let more people know. For example, when you want to announce that I want to get married, you may want to visit the from door to door to knock on the door that this is a relatively time-consuming and energy. When this time if there is a group communication area, so long as in a group communication area can communicate to the announced every door. This is not very good! The website also is so, need high flow collection sites to quickly propagate the latest information, to meet the needs of users as soon as possible. Because many of the new sites even if your information is good, but you never stop to the old propaganda efficiency is good, the search engine will lose the user’s good experience.

This phenomenon to the

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