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The text link is not valid outside the chain

well, and the three commonly used anchor text of the chain platform, we talk about the feasibility of the three platforms, the chain is in need of an extensive, what is widespread, my understanding is very simple, is the source of the chain is more and more natural. If you are outside of the chain is on the blog, link anchor text to do too much, you estimate by K station is not far away. Therefore, I think, all made the chain anchor text is obviously unrealistic and unworkable

2, if the text link is not valid outside the chain, then the following doubts I have


(1) as we all know now is reserved for submission through text links, why do you contribute?

problem! ? The weight of

first forum signature is now down, this is not to say, of course, should be there, otherwise we will not go to Shanghai every day dragon forum to send the card, even if it is not to transfer the weight, at least will lead spider! The second blog is always a good platform for the chain generally speaking, Shanghai will have a dozen dragon Er blog, high weight, but also not so strict restrictions. The final say Mai link, the algorithm in combat, but people still buy very much, but this risk is great, I have always felt that although the Shanghai dragon is a technology, but in this process, accidental and sudden also exist, can not say which day your site K.

1, text links and anchor text link

text is the text, which is a link to the performance of pure letters, is not directly point to another page links. Some Shanghai dragon Er are said to do the anchor text of the chain, can click directly into the site of this form, but we all know, now the chain of this form is not doing very well, some difficulty, now the main way is forum signature and blog anchor text or Mai links.

today and in the QQ group to see a few people there arguing about text links is not valid outside the chain, do the text links have no effect on the Shanghai dragon, actually this topic are discussed and debated countless times, but estimate who also said it was not clear, there is no way to give a comprehensive answer. When I saw them in the debate, I feel their views may also convince them, it is not necessary to convince anyone, because Shanghai Dragon technology itself is a controversial. Remove some universally accepted knowledge, the other is to get everyone to share technology in their own practice, these techniques may also exist accidental and one sidedness, so we may be on the Internet a lot of Shanghai Longfeng paper, found some of the article actually said is the opposite point of view. Well, the 16 Shanghai dragon and everybody said about the

(2) of the classified information website of the chain are basically in the form of text, why do we still love hair.

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