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The high quality of the chain is made out of the

Even if

give you some, I think we should know how to make a high quality the chain! As the saying goes: "wine is not afraid of deep alley, so the first thing we need to do is have a content, the second is the publicity out of our content, like every time I site in Adsense nets through it, I will go to some of the QQ group promotion, let them see my articles, let them help me to the top of my article, to reply to my article, let them share a lot of my article, so that a high quality articles do not come out.

is the same a web site, each page in the circle is not the same, this is all obvious to people; because the weight of the search engine will be calculated for each page according to his algorithm, if the page of the weight of the high, so that the chain for your website, is undoubtedly a the high quality of the chain, then the search engine exactly according to the standard to will "

: a web browsing more that the web is very popular

The chain

of a web page if you are sharing more, we need to explain this web page is

Birds of a feather flock together."! score?

a lot of people say it gets the job done? There are actually the most critical step, that is to let.

and a web page, that we think it is in the content of this page! Or how can there be so many comments on

More comments

to allow users to click on your

in the past year, see everyone is using the free blog to do outside the chain, sometimes in order to be included Bowen, are often directly in the online copy some articles, and then use the original synthesis tools, and then out the door, after a period of time, search engines, psychological feel very comfortable, because the site has a exterior link; but like this with original tools out of the original article is the original article, but without any readability, the chain blog really effective? > a lot of people now may still think more the chain to the site, the site’s ranking, in fact, this idea is wrong, this is the early search engine, perhaps you may be effective at the time, but now the search engine change rapidly, today’s search engines and past search engine already can not be compared. Now the search engine more attention is paid to the quality of a site outside the chain, the number is only a minor factor, if your site external link quality is not high, so in the search engine’s eyes, this website you go there or not, perhaps this is the so-called "Like attracts like.

the user to stay in this "the longer that this article has a value of

?From the above

if an article is the top of many times, that the web is very good

to create high quality of the page

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