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The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion on

, a website similar content, exclusive

search engines after treatment

two, the site code is similar, the search engine

there are a lot of free source and site program, this is exactly the same as in the background of the website code, a little rational webmaster can also modify and adjust reasonably on their website code, but most of the owners will not adjust their website code, one is lazy, two is too troublesome, it is also because of this idea, now many sites in the Internet source code is basically the same, just change a title and keywords only, in the face of this situation can give your site search engine rankings? This is certainly unrealistic.

has been the existence of such a law in Physics: attraction and repulsion. In real life, this law is also applicable to most of the webmaster, in the Internet, this law is also applicable, especially for search engines and web site, this law plays a bigger role, and now we will find many websites included after being removed of the situation, the fundamental reason lies in the same we also repel each other, will also find some good ranking sites, their website content basically is included in the love of Shanghai, this is the attraction.

may now have part of the webmaster will find such a problem, especially for Taobao customer sites, many webmaster content is written, there is another part asked people to write, the content posted on the website after will be included, but not included after a few hours or one or two days later was delete? Why, this is because the love Shanghai database every day will receive a lot of this type of information, and effectively select, select the site data after qualified was retained, thus resulting in a part of the site has been included in the original content, but the love of Shanghai data select process due to the existence of a large number of similar content, so you will be included in the delete.

revelation: website code is the substantive content of search engines, if our program is on the Internet to download the free app on your website, then have to regret, because most free programs exist in the Internet has been used for thousands or tens of thousands of websites, we have a prominent place in what to use will not last. The website would suggest whether it is free without any success, the program or program fees are best to change yourself, lest appear.

feel bored.

revelation: after being removed from the collection of the case we can see that with the expansion of the Internet, the similarity of the content is gradually increasing, behind this similarity to make their sites have a good included and ranking, you must publish different contents on the website, as for the pseudo original or original, or outdated topic, I suggest webmaster friends abandoned, search engine is in need of specific content rather than homosexual content.

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