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Understand love Shanghai do website optimization algorithm

first, the chain operation algorithm to love Shanghai.

this year, love Shanghai for the content of screening has also been the focus on the quality, this is mainly through the original spark program. The content of the adjustment of the algorithm focus on the correlation between the article and the page, and the added value of the content itself. The number of this reprint is the most obvious manifestation of this is, will give the starting site is not a small bonus Oh! This is also the author has emphasized the main reason to do high quality articles.

second, the content of algorithm to love Shanghai.

after two times Scindapsus algorithm, we obviously feel love for Shanghai sent to emphasize on the high quality of the chain. Adjust the link algorithm several times in the US shows a characteristic, is the chain is recommended. When in the production chain, the number of single page link is usually a, pointing to the original link; publishing platform correlation requirements are very strict, no matching platform making links will usually be counted as the link, will bring to the site, right down to reduce the risk of high quality links are included; there is a common characteristic is for the user to have a leading role.

algorithm is the website of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai er must know, bluntly speaking, in domestic website optimization, Shanghai love is god. When love is usually Shanghai algorithm to update the website maintenance personnel when the most headaches, on the one hand it is the opportunity on the other hand it is demanding. If you want to get good rankings, you have to know the love of Shanghai algorithm. Today, the author Dennis website optimization is to learn to love the Shanghai algorithm wise remark of an experienced person.

algorithm to update the most frequently a year, whether it is Scindapsus algorithm or pomegranate algorithm and so on, is the love of Shanghai is given notice, Shanghai dragon Er only after the turn, so most of the time is too late. The so-called An army marches on its stomach., to get good rankings in Shanghai must love action when their first sense, then it can grasp the overall operation of the website. This action is love Shanghai algorithm, and the algorithm is usually not specifically disclosed, Shanghai Longfeng Er through the analysis of the data on the website to get the latest algorithm. So far in the change of love Shanghai mainly in the chain representation algorithm, content, user experience.

This is the love of Shanghai

love Shanghai for the user experience is very important, from the beginning of 2011, constantly update algorithm is to love Shanghai more close to the user experience. A user satisfaction reference value that we now see the page residence time and bounce rate. Before the elder said, jump out rate is too high may lead to site or deduction, this is a correct summary. The user will own interpretation on the website of the satisfaction, when you click to enter the page to view the content will have a residence time, if the page content can meet the needs of users will stay, if it is a low quality page will be closed, the residence time on the record page >

third, user satisfaction algorithm love Shanghai.

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