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Novice collection Shanghai dragon basic contents and general steps

(1) external link categories: blog, forum, B2B, news, information, and classification Post Bar quiz, Wikipedia, WeChat, micro-blog, community space, and other related information network to maintain the diversity of the link.

Shanghai dragon Optimization of internal

(2): the formation of the chain every day to add a certain number of external links, to enhance the stability of the keyword ranking.

8 step optimization

structure of the website search engine crawlers preferences is helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Architecture of website analysis includes: removing bad website architecture design and implementation of directory tree structure, site navigation and link optimization.

this is the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important part, keyword analysis includes: analysis, competitor analysis, the amount of attention keyword analysis, keyword and website related keyword layout, keyword ranking prediction.

Release and link arrangement of

website optimization is an ongoing process of operation site after, for many beginners, may not clear the connotation and extension of website optimization. Xiao Bian specifically reviews the content for your reference.

(1) META tags Optimization: for example: TITLE, KEYWORDS,

4, the content of

Shanghai dragon is more than let website home page have a good ranking in the search engine, more important is to let each page of the site to bring traffic.

2, website structure analysis

and DESCRIPTION optimization

3, website directory and page optimization

external optimization

Shanghai dragon, by means of summarizing the search engine ranking rule, to optimize the on site, make your site in the search engine rankings, let the search engine bring you customers. Shanghai Longfeng through such a set of ideas based on search engine marketing, provide the ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings.

(2) to optimize the internal links, including correlation links (Tag tags), anchor text links, the navigation links, pictures and links to

(3): swap chain compared with some of your site and high correlation, the overall quality of good site exchange Links, consolidate stable keywords ranking.

(3) website content updates: keep the station updated daily (mainly the update)


analysis of 1 key words, (also called keywords positioning)

search engine love website content are updated regularly, so the reasonable arrangement of website content release schedule is one of the important techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Layout of the entire site links organically together, let search engines understand.


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