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How to do Taobao off a single page ranking

Keywords said that although there are a lot of people for the website ranking is not so important, but in the search engine is to help spider also grab this kind of data, so setting up perhaps the website ranking will be of some help, generally not more than three or four.

page title must appear relevant keywords, rather than blindly setting, because the weight of the search engine to give the web page title is very high, so whether the site has rankings, the title of the page is very important, usually with three labels, are separated by "_".


Taobao guest single page with pictures, so to add ALT tags to the corresponding picture, the purpose of doing so is to make a better search engine grab.

third: Description

second: Keywords

Now a lot of Taobao Taobao

: the first page title

sixth: H1 tag

related keywords in the Title header, related keywords in the Description tag description, keywords appear naturally in content (first appears in BOLD), the anchor text link to this keyword in other pages.

Most of the

guest single page as long as the above seven points, I believe "to obtain a better ranking, but it should be noted that the construction of the chain has a very big help to improve website ranking, so to do the daily website maintenance, ranking will be long.

will be the main keywords H1 tag enclosed helps to enhance the degree of web pages, but it should be noted here is that the H1 tag on each page can be used only once.

fifth: website architecture


is now Taobao has been very Huobao profitable projects, many new Adsense will devote to the projects, and how to quickly build a single page Taobao customer site, but also to meet the Shanghai dragon, but also must have ranking, this change is not so simple, because a single page website many places need to pay attention to.

off the site are based on the frame framework to call, in fact the search engine is not very friendly, so I suggest to make use of DIV+CSS.

seventh: the word around

page description is very important, because when the website ranking, will appear in the search engine results, and this keyword will not only marked red, but also to increase the word density, the keywords ranking before.


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