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Lead weight and website traffic halted the arch criminal where

1, the lack of original content. "Content is king" is no doubt, if most of the content of a website is collected or is not of high quality pseudo original, so that a search engine will be on your web site, the value that love Shanghai spiders in the content capture interest will gradually weaken, so included, the ranking, flow and weight naturally not good.

3, website structure. The structural design of the website should be based on the search engine crawlers as reference, try to be able to effectively guide the crawler to pay attention to the content of your website. The basic requirements of each page should have at least one channel. If the association between web page is strong, should build a quick pages link between pages.

space. Space as the foundation of the site, only the foundation is playing well, the website can stand the feet. If the website space is often unable to access, or loading speed slow happened, so long will greatly affect the spider crawling love Shanghai.

is a site of blood flow, and the weight is to ensure that the site can supplement the blood based. So, regardless of weight or flow, the decisive role for the success or failure of a website. But in the process of doing stand, but little webmaster can have in these two aspects, and also often encounter all sorts of difficulties. Such as: the web site is the next day snapshot, included also is very good, but the weight and flow is stopped. Where arch-criminal

led to this result?

1, the web site is new sites, it is still in love in Shanghai on the assessment stage. For a new love, Shanghai will have 1-3 months of assessment period of it, at this stage, Shanghai love the contents of the website update, the chain quantity and quality, Links and carries on the comprehensive dynamic assessment. It is early, so basically do not have traffic sources. It should be noted that the assessment period love Shanghai is gradually extended, the owners need to have some patience, do not be too impatient and lead to naught.


2, the website theme is not clear. The content of the website is not around topics to write, the article basically is free to piece together, the content is out of order. The search engine in the data backup, the love is such a website, even it will not start, don’t know this so classification. As a result, the weight of your site is slow is inevitable.

site adjustment. The site for a wide range of adjustment, such as the website module greatly rectification, is likely to make the search engine vigilant, to perform site assessment.

4, no update rules. Do website is long, not fierce in the article in the beginning, then seldom preach or is not preach. The updating rules >

We can say that 2, 3,

hardware problems

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