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Love is the official website of the Shanghai certification application method and process

extension in Shanghai love love Shanghai credit account login (贵族宝贝trust.baidu贵族宝贝/vstar/official/index/) website, go to choose a certified official website page, submit information according to the demand, and upload your business license and company name can be.

B. or direct you to find.

application submitted after the time is 7 days, if successful, generally 3 days after you can apply through, if not smooth, the general problem is in the key words above, don’t try to choose words (with the commercial value of the word), recommended to choose the brand word, words like I selected: Jiuwen, net long heard from the media, since the media network jiuwen.


love the official website of the Shanghai channel

users love promotionThe use of

1, you can go directly to the Taobao search, 600 dollars to help you directly engage in fixed anger V certification and certification official website, Taobao search on how trading will not explain how.

  certification application  

1, Shanghai

2, Shanghai love can contact your customer service, pay 600 dollars, their own definition of key words (three), indicating the official certification.

love the official website of the Shanghai

for love the official website of the Shanghai 600 dollars to certification (for credibility V certification), in addition to local love Shanghai agent is not to do this, you need to contact the Shanghai headquarters of the people love me, the official certification application down, but many places open still did not show, according to customer service, to wait for a week to display.

3, Shanghai sex promotion, pay 5600 yuan (promotion expenses), free website authentication and V authentication. As you do love Shanghai promotion, not yet, and that your customer service to discuss.

A. fill out the form, waiting for the love of Shanghai contact you (贵族宝贝trust.baidu贵族宝贝/vstar/feedback);

spent a month’s time, finally give off long heard of the network’s official website certification, I hope a lot of people take this privilege, but mostly because the application failed finally to fight back, take me to apply to the case, and to share, apply some skills.

user name authentication certification application

love Shanghai reputation certification website, website authentication is a free trial, so the theory is not in need of money, but to your website in love Shanghai’s reputation value standard, unless you are very large site traffic, or that you have 600 dollars to improve the degree of the credibility of the site. Is love Shanghai introduced a real name authentication, authentication also love Shanghai search results will give you a V certification. That is to say, to pay 600 dollars, there may be signs of official certification and V certification, the 600 or the value of the flower.

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