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Summarize some love Shanghai webmaster FAQ Algorithm Engineer

seventh, can be used to love Shanghai and love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit a site change data, make timely treatment.

third, included, industry control, influence, the new algorithm to update the growth cycle, how to speed up the audit cycle, Taobao. The huge data, meet the user’s original is included in the benchmark; love Shanghai will have a certain regulation on the industry; have a big change during the algorithm with the heart, is likely to affect the algorithm site; the growth of this new influence factors may have the update period; on the site of the loyalty business; Taobao can track user behavior Shanghai, love is blind.

fifth, Shanghai to love gray industry will have a different set of algorithms.

fourth, the original and pseudo original criteria is big data, and then develop a certain algorithm; the value of the chain is the authority, the correlation of the site.


sixth, love Shanghai for some JS and will crawl to a data for monitoring.

, please indicate the source!

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second, according to several factors: the page keyword density, keyword matching, value chain, black hat. The first keyword density is attributed to the influence of the factors within the proportion but just a little bit, its value is more strengthen the theme; keywords matching problems involve many rules, content relevance, democratic election, to show the profile of the chain; value is still very large, can not be achieved up outside the chain of love Shanghai internal sort of judgment at the same time in the chain of technology, do have weights for shaping effect; ranking the most basic factor or content.

first, according to the Taobao customer behavior site. In principle that Shanghai is equally, no distinction is not a Taobao customer site, but the specific group will increase for the industry development of cheating Taobao customer station, Shanghai dragon Taobao link will affect the site? Seems to depend on industry those profiteering industry, leaving a lot of Taobao customer data industry will have greater but as part of reaction, do little will not affect the search experience can be.

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