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That new Shanghai dragon plan how to write URL directory navigation

1, 3,

site navigation directory URL for writing a good user experience and search engine, on the one hand is to meet the search for dynamic path and pseudo static path, a convenient user experience for users and search engines are an important reference index score and good dual boot.

many people are writing a new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, the navigation layout is good, then no matter how to write URL navigation directory, make navigation directory randomly generated address, but we didn’t know how to do, is not very responsible for a new Shanghai dragon plan, is an irresponsible Shanghai we are on the site of dragon worker, irresponsible. How should we navigate directory to write URL, following by Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we share some of their own experience, I hope to help you.

said we should how to write directory navigation? This topic has been plagued by many write new Shanghai dragon scheme friends, we work together to explore.

three, URL for the website directory writing is good


site navigation directory to write URL to search engine, matching and navigation directory for the user, the user can read, and URL will not be too long, many websites were automatically generated URL will be very long and for URL optimization is extremely unfavorable, will the user search engine for website navigation and trust in decline.

as long as we meet these three conditions, how to write a URL directory for the navigation path, completely difficult to us.

two, how to write URL

a lot of workers in Shanghai Longfeng navigation directory to URL have many questions, why should we write the site navigation directory URL? What are the benefits for the website, following by Nanning Shanghai dragon small and explain it!

, a navigation directory to write URL meaning

many people are asking me, navigation Directory > Writing

third: we want to know what kind of URL navigation directory path with dynamic routing and static and pseudo static road combined with

: first we need to understand what kind of path URL is more friendly to search engine

directory navigation URL what kind of path

second: we want to know the user is friendly to

site navigation directory to write URL, we from the user point of view, the general user browsing habits from top to bottom, from left to the next, so when the user access to a web site, users should be LOGOA and URL and the main navigation time will be concentrated in the website, so writing good navigation URL directory for the user experience can play a good role in guiding.

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