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Share shopping website optimization points

three, baby apt unique title

But due to the

since it is a picture guide program, jump to the Taobao shopping platform page is necessary. At that time, as everyone knows, the weight of the page is limited, if you are each page with a link to other sites, do not say first search engine will give you a single weight is illegal, the loss is a big loss. Adding "nofollow" label on all outbound links or directly jump into JS. Jump all the time to pay attention, make a new page to open, not open on the same page, users avoid reducing the residence time and increasing the exit rate of the website.

shopping program share pictures mostly content from Taobao shopping platform. Due to repeated excessive >

shopping share system is based on the characteristics of TAG classification. TAG occupies a similar position in the whole column page website. If you look at each TAG, you will find a lot of TAG although the rich cannot become independent content. For example, women, you will have a "retro" and "new" etc. this kind of adjective TAG. The default program will put these words as the title, keyword tags as the main page. This is a great waste of resources, if you can’t tell the search engine page display content, first will cause traffic is not accurate, the second would increase the exit rate. Set the correct way, should be "the adjective TAG+ classification". Of course, this is a way of setting up, also easy to cause the grammar mistakes. So if you want to really get in from the directional flow, set up independently each TAG page is a good way. Don’t abandon the workload, this is once and for all things, as long as you begin to set up, get the directional flow for a long time, Why not?.

, an independent label element settings for each TAG pageThe


pictures website, search engine and identify the picture not good; in addition to many shopping website to share content resources, from the Taobao shopping site resources, the repeatability is very large. It is very bad for the website in search engine performance. In fact, as long as grasp points shopping website optimization to share pictures, but also can like information website as in the search engine has a good ranking.

two, set the hyperlink to avoid weight loss

picture has been as an important media for the dissemination of information network. Because of its intuitive and beautiful very numerous websites and Internet users favor. Especially for product promotion, is the text can not be compared. Before the subject and network bandwidth, most sites are not placed too many pictures on the Internet, is the use of pictures and text. But with the enhancement of speed, with the rise of the beauty said, like mogujie贵族宝贝 shopping sharing site, sharing shopping website also ushered in a new boom. Many webmasters also joined them, the type of site greatly welcome waterfall flow.

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